Luoyang Shopping

Luoyang has many local specialties ranging from fruits to handicrafts to replicas. Apples from Luoning County and pears from Mengjin County are sold throughout the country. The Palace Lantern is a special handicraft in Luoyang. It was once used to celebrate the founding of the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220) in the imperial palace, hence its name. Craftsmen make the lanterns in various shapes including dragon head, butterfly and running horse. The lanterns are beautiful and easy to store, making excellent gifts.

Bronze-vessel making has a long history originating in the Xia Dynasty (21st-16th Centuries BC) in Luoyang. Locals now make thousands of reproductions of the ancient bronze vessels. Various bronze copies of wine cups, swords, chariots and horses are symbolic tourist souvenirs.

Tang Tri-colored glazed pottery is a Tang Dynasty (618-907) gem. The pottery used primarily three colors, red, green and yellow, hence its name. Most of these potteries were discovered in Luoyang. Locals have been making replicas of the Tang Tri-colors for hundreds of years in different shapes such as horses, camels and people. These vivid replicas make elegant presents for friends and relatives.

There are many shopping venues in the city. Shanghai Market Pedestrian Street in Jian Xi District is the place where fashionable clothes are sold. Wangcheng Park located on the middle Zhong Zhou Road is the best place to buy tourist souvenirs such as Tang Tri-colors, peony paintings and bronze wares. Nan Chang Road in Jian Xi District is the most beautiful avenue in Luoyang, offering a variety of things you may need.

Tourist Souvenir Stores
Long Men Tourist Shopping Center: two kilometers from Guanlin Temple, west of Luo Long Street
Luoyang Local Specialties Tourist Shopping Center: No.36, Yin Ma Street, Jiu Du Road
Yin Yi Xuan Crafts Center: entrance of Shi Zi Jie Street, Lao Chen District

Department Stores
Luoyang Department Store: No.287, middle Zhong Zhou Road
Luoyang Wangfujing Department Store: No.429, middle Zhong Zhou Road
Overseas Chinese Friendship Store: Qi Li He Area, west Zhong Zhou Road
Shanghai Market Department Store: Shanghai Market Commercial Center, Jian Xi District

Dennis: No.80, Nan Chang Road, Jian Xi District
Carrefour: No.56, Jie Fang Road, Xi Gong District

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