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Average Temperatures of Luoyang
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Luoyang Climate - Seasons & Travel Advice

Luoyang lies in the west part of Henan. It belongs to the north temperate continental climate zone and has four distinct seasons. The average temperature is about 15C (59F) and the yearly rainfall is 578 millimeters.

Luoyang weather in Spring, starting in March, is dry and windy, lack of rain. Every April, there are several sandstorms, but they are not severe. It is advisable to visit in April, because the weather of Luoyang is the most pleasant at that time and the most importantly the world famous Peony Festival, a time-honored tradition in the city, is held from April 15 to May 8. In that festival, you can appreciate all kinds of peony, each of which has its own legend. The scenery will be a valuable memory in your life.

Summer weather in Luoyang is hot and rainy, with 30 days of temperature above 35C (95F). Summer dress is appropriate until late September. The real autumn starts in October. It is very short; however, it is the perfect time for traveling for its humid and pleasant climate. Winter is cold and dry. Visitors in this season need warm clothes.

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