Hohhot Metro

Hohhot Metro, also known as Hohhot Urban Rail Transit, is planned to have five lines in total, with phase one of metro line 1 and line 2 opening in 2019 and 2020. Metro line 1, phase one, stretching about 23 kilometers (14 miles), will connect Jinhai Industrial Park and Baita from west to east via 19 stations. It will pass East Railway Station and some famous attractions, like the Botanical Garden and the Exhibition Center along West Xinhua Street, Xinhua Street, Dongzhanqian Street and Airport Avenue. There will be the Sanjianfang Comprehensive Base at the west end and Baita Parking Lot at the east end of this line. Hohhot Metro line 2, phase one, in the shape of an “L” is expected to join the East Sub Center, Tiebei District, Hohhot Railway Station, City Center and South Sub Center by 24 stations. It will go from Xindian East to Maoshengying, a distance of 28 kilometers (17 miles).

Apart from these main subway lines, there will be three auxiliary lines in the city. Hohhot subway line 3 will extend in the northeast-southwest direction at the length of 36 kilometers (22 miles), and line 4 will stretch 21 kilometers (13 miles) from the north to the south, while line 5 will be about 35 kilometers (21.5 miles) in the southwest direction. These metro lines will bring a great convenience for the passenger transportation in the city.

According to the preliminary planning, this Urban Rail Transit will consist of these five lines at the total length of about 155 kilometers (96 miles). There will be 123 stations in total, including 14 transfer stations. In addition, five parking lots, two comprehensive bases and three vehicle depots will be built along these metro lines.

The followings are the metro lines and their stations under construction:

 Line 1: Jinchuan Bus Company – Dongbashan (West – East)
Length: 23 kilometers (14 miles)
Opening Time: 2019
Station Number: 25
Transfer: Xinhua Square (transfer with line 2)
Stations: Jinchuan Bus Company – Jinchuan Cultural Square – Jinhai Industrial Park – Kongjiaying – East Hugang Road – Hui People District Government – Botanical Garden – The Affiliated Hospital of Inner Mongolia Medical University – Xinhua Square – People's Hall – Gulou Overpass – Agricultural Development Bank – Hohhot ChangLe Palace – Exhibition Center – Wanda Plaza – Municipal Government – East Railway Station – Honder College – Shilandaixincun – Baita West – Baita – Baita South – Gelaoban – Gaoduli – Dongbashan

 Line 2: Xindian East – Maoshengying (L-shaped)
Length: 28 kilometers (17 miles)
Opening Time: 2020
Station Number: 24
Transfer: Xinhua Square (transfer with line 1)
Stations: Xindian East – Xindian – Baihe Road – Maternity & Child Healthcare Hospital – Beiyingzi – Yijiacun – Genghis Khan Park – Antong Driving School – Inner Mongolia Vocational College of Physical Education – Hohhot Stadium – Tianfuhuayuan – Meteorological Bureau – Hohhot Railway Station – Xinhua Square – Hailiang Square – Xuefukangdu – Jiamao Shopping Mall – Shiqi Park – Wuliying – Nanbalizhuang – Inner Mongolia University (South Campus) – Shuaijiaying – Oil Refining Factory Community – Maoshengying

 Line 3: Shaliangzicun – Dongjialanying (Northeast – Southwest)
Length: 36 kilometers (22 miles)
Station Number: Unsettled

 Line 4: Xiashitou Xinyingcun – Xinyingzi South (North – South)
Length: 21 kilometers (13 miles)
Station Number: Unsettled

 Line 5: Shebiya County – Daodaobancun (Northwest - Southeast)
Length: 35 kilometers (21.5 miles)
Station Number: Unsettled
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