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Hohhot Facts

Dialing Code: 0471
Postcode: 010020
CAAC Ticket Center: No.16, Xilin N. Road
Money: Money exchange is offered at all of the offices of Bank of China in Hohhot. Bank of China Inner Mongolia Branch is located at No. 88, Xincheng East Street; Bank of China Hohhot Branch is at No.44 Xinhua Avenue.

Fire: 119
Traffic: 122
Ambulance: 120
Police: 110

Useful Number
Airport Inquiry: 4941122
Railway Station Inquiry: 2243222

Inner Mongolia University, one of China's key universities, is the oldest university that established in the Chinese minority areas.
Location: No. 235, Daxue West Road
This is some information for international students.

Inner Mongolia Normal University
Location: No. 295, Zhaowuda Road

Mongolian customs:
1. Drive carefully near a ger to avoid frightening the horses. Enter the ger from the left, and sit to the right of your host.
2. If you meet herds in the grassland, do not go through the herds; bypass them. To bypass shows respect to the herds' owner.
3. Your host will first treat you to a bowl of milk tea. Receive the bowl with both your hands or with your right hand. Use of the left hand is forbidden.
4. Do not pass before an elderly person. Do not sit side by side with an elderly person without permission.
5. Take with you gifts such as snacks, wine, or sweets. Never beat a barking dog in front of the ger.
6. If you want to go to the toilet, go to the south of the ger. Do not go to the east or west of the ger since the sheep pen is there. Nor should you go to the north of the ger as the odor may be blown into the ger. In winter, do not go to the north or west of the ger since the snow there is to melt for potable water.
7. Remember to say goodbye and to give thanks to the host when you leave the ger.

Do not touch the children's heads.
Do not enter the ger with a horsewhip.
Do not step on the doorsill when you leave the ger.
Do not spit in the ger.
Do not step over the host's clothes, bedclothes and pillows.
Mongolians don't like others pointing at their heads with tobacco pipes, knives, scissors and chopsticks. They dislike black, which is regarded as a bad omen. Avoid anything black.
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