6 Best Indian Restaurants in Nanjing

As an important branch of South Asian cuisine, Indian food always reminds people of strong fragrance of spices and herbs. Luckily, such an exotic flavor can be readily found in Nanjing now. In this article, we are going to introduce you six well-known Indian Restaurants in Nanjing.

No.1: Al-Jannat Indian Restaurant

Everyone who ever tried Al-Jannat highly recommends the perfect match of Curry Chicken and Butter Naan (Indian bread). The oven-fresh naan and the authentic curry will surely arouse your appetite. Also, you can freely combine the Potato Naan or Garlic Naan together with Tomato Soup or Seafood Soup of generous portions. For those who prefer their curry dishes with less strong flavor, the Vegetables with Indian Cheese is a good option. Desserts of Indian style are also worth trying, such as Mango Lassi (Indian yoghurt) and Rice Pudding!

 Location: No.107, Floor 1, Building 15, No.28 North Yunnan Street, Gulou District
 Operating time: 10:00-22:00
 Average cost per person: CNY60

No.2: Taj Mahal Indian Restaurant

Upon walking across the delicately-carved porch, this restaurant will bring you an exotic vibe through colorful table cloths and rhythmic Indian music. The signature dish in this restaurant is Samosa (Meat), which is an Indian pie stuffed with minced mutton, green peas and cashewnuts. The curry here features a thick and granular texture. Thus in order to accompany curry dishes, many people will order Plain Naan or Cheese Naan. After the main course, how about having a glass of Indian Milk Tea? This beverage combines the flavor of milk, herb and spices, thus can be a special experience for milk-tea lovers.

Fengfu Road Branch: No.117, Fengfu Road, Qinhuai District
Shanghai Road Branch: No.189, Shanghai Road, Gulou District
 Operating time: 10:30-15:00; 17:00-22:30
 Average cost per person: CNY80

No.3: Masala Indian Restaurant

As the name suggests, this Indian restaurant in Nanjing is famous for Masala dishes. Masala refers to dishes added with multiple seasonings like pepper, cinnamon and cumin, thus suitable for those who prefer spicy foods with a strong aroma. Roast Chicken and Mushroom Soup are also popular orders. By the way, this restaurant receives lots of favorable comments about considerate service and also has a band singing every night, therefore it is a good place for dating.

 Location: A3, No.12, North Xianyin Road, Qixia District
 Operating time: 10:00-22:00
 Average cost per person: CNY75

No.4: Ganesh Jazz Bar & Indian Restaurant

In Ganesh, it is strongly recommended to try Kandari Murgh Tikka (chicken tikka) and Amchoori Behind (Indian style stir-fried okras and potatoes). Cheese Naan is another hot order for its intense flagrance of butter and cheese. It is worth mentioning that this restaurant nestles upon the Xuanwu Lake, thus has a secluded environment. It can’t be better to have a glass of gin or ale while listening to the jazz music and enjoying the beautiful waterscape.

 Location: Mingchenghui Dining Area, No.3, Kunlun Road, Xuanwu District
 Operating time: 11:30-14:00; 17:00-23:00
 Average cost per person: CNY130

No.5: Kohinoor Restaurant Pakistani Cuisine

Kohinoor will provide you the authentic South Asian flavor through various Pakistani and Indian cuisines. It is said that all their ingredients and seasonings are transported from Pakistan and that’s why many people are impressed by their dishes’ strong taste. Recommendations here are Lamb Rogan Josh (boneless lamb cooked with hot spices), Lamb Vindaloo (boneless lamb and potatoes cooked in spicy curry) and Chicken/ Beef Shawerma (grilled chicken or beef with lettuce, mayonnaise sauce wrapped in bread). If you find it hard to finish but still want to try several dishes at one time, why not pay CNY60 to enjoy a generous buffet every Friday? This price is truly competitive.

 Location: No.101, Building 3, No.99 West Taixi Road, Jiangning District
 Operating time: 10:30-24:00
 Average cost per person: CNY50-60

No.6: Zaika Indian Cuisine & Bar

This Indian restaurant in Nanjing is the only halal one among today’s list. When many people flip through the menu, they will hesitate whether to order the Green Curry, probably because of its color. Actually, green curry is a traditional Bengali cuisine in eastern India and it tastes very spicy and bitter, compared with curry in other colors. Also, green curry is special for the flavor of mints and herbs, and this exactly smooths the grease of meat. Other signature dishes are Chana Masala (chickpea masala) and Curry Chicken. Both are recommended to try with naan or steamed rice. If you come here with lots of friends, a Mixed Platter can satisfy everyone’s demand.

 Location: Floor 2 Leshang Plaza, No.9 Jiangjun Avenue, Jiangning District
 Operating time: 11:00-21:00
 Average cost per person: CNY60

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