Songyuan Travel Guide

Songyuan Facts

Chinese Name: 松原 (sōng yuán)
Population: 2,750,000
Area: 22,000 square kilometers (8,494 square miles)
Location: in the west-central Jilin Province, northeast China
Administrative Division: 1 district (Ningjiang); 2 counties (Changling, Qian'an); 1 autonomous county (Qian Gorlos Mongol Autonomous County); 1 county-level city (Fuyu)
Area Code: 0438
Zip Code: 138000
GDP (2018): CNY 137.36 billion (USD 20.76 billion)
Nationalities: Han, Man, Mongolian, Hui

City with a Long History Date Back to Neolithic Age

Songyuan is situated in the west-central area of Jilin Province, and neighbors Changchun to the southeast. It borders Inner Mongolia to the west and is separated in the north from Heilongjiang by the Songhua, Nenjiang and Lalin rivers. Many historical sites including mammoth fossils and Qingshantou site records the long history of Songyuan date back to Neolithic Age. This city is a national large-scale commodity grain base and oil base, with an annual grain output of 75 billion kilograms. The main crops are corn, soybean, rice and sorghum, etc. Animal husbandry and fishery are also very prosperous.

Every winter in Chagan Lake, thousands of people fish together and can drag hundreds of thousands of kilograms of fish at a time. It is hard not to be shocked by such a spectacular scene. Also, Songyuan shows beautiful water landscapes and owns green, vast Horqin Grassland. Many nature reserves and geoparks provide good places for local people and tourists to refresh themselves and enjoy nature. Visitors can also enjoy Uliger, local storytelling and horse head string instrument.

Songyuan Attractions - Things to Do

Chagan Lake is the largest inland lake in Jilin Province and the seventh largest freshwater lake in China. The only Tibetan Buddhist temple, Miaoyin Temple is located on the banks of this jewel-like body of water some 22 kilometers southwest of Songyuan city proper. Another favored scenic spot is Long Keng (Dragon Pit). It was previously called Beilibu Spring and was formed by water accumulating in the natural ravine. The scenery here is particularly delightful in the spring and summer.

How to Get to Songyuan

Songyuan Chaganhu Airport, 29km to downtown, has opened flights to/from about 15 domestic cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an, Hangzhou... Airport shuttle bus and taxi can get to downtown Songyuan. Songyuan Port has eight docks accommodating freighters running along the river from Jilin to Harbin as well as the Port of Khabarovsk in Russia. The city is gradually becoming a traffic hub and logistics center connecting northeast China and Inner Mongolia.

The Passenger Traffic Central Station of Songyuan is located at 1, Wulan Jie. It is near the city's Railway Station to the west and is the largest bus station in the city. There are buses available to many nearby cities and scenic spots. From downtown Songyuan, travelers can get to Changchun or Harbin within two hours.



The city has four clearly defined seasons—a dry spring; a torrid summer; a cool autumn and a long a chilly winter. Songyuan weather usually rains during July and August. Its average annual temperature is around 4.5 (40.1). The period October through April is the best time to visit. 

Songyuan Travel Tips

 History: As early as seven thousand years ago, humans first settled in this area. It was governed by the ancient Fuyu Kingdom in the Han Dynasty (206BC – 220 AD) and by the Bohai Kingdom in the Tang Dynasty (618 – 907). Later, the Jurchen established the Jin Dynasty (1115 – 1234) here. Songyuan represents a mix of both the Manchu and Mongolian cultures.

 Physical Features: The topography of this area is mainly alluvial plains and mesas. Its terrain is flat and broad and the land slopes gently. The altitude of the city varies between 130 to 226 meters.

 Special Local Products: Songyuan is an important commercial food and oil production center. Nearby Chagan Lake is abundant with a wide variety of fish including the bighead variegated carp.

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Questions & Answers on Songyuan Travel
Asked by KC from SINGAPORE | Sep. 10, 2016 18:28Reply
I would like to go to the Chagan Lake fishing festival
And the Ice Festival in Harbin this Dec 2016/Jan 2017
Can I know
1. What is the best time to go to be able to see the fish being pulled out from the nets?
2. How to get to the Chagan Lake from Changchun or Harbin or Shenyang?
Thank you.
Answers (2)
Answered by Barry from USA | Sep. 12, 2016 03:41

1. You can see it from middle December to middle January.
2. From Changchun, you can take a train to Songyuan (SY for short). The trip takes about 2 hours. Then, take a bus to the site (about 1 hour).

From Harbin, take a train to SY (about 2.5 hours). Then, take a bus to the lake (about 1 hour).

From Shenyang, take a train to SY (about 5.5 to 6.5 hours). Then, atke a bus to it (about 1 hour).
Answered by KC from SINGAPORE | Sep. 13, 2016 17:33

Thanks Barry. Appreciate it.
Asked by Mr.YAQOOB99 from BH | Dec. 06, 2014 18:12Reply
i would like to visit songyuan city , i will travel from Bangkok, what is the Flight i should book ?
from Bangkok to what city ? to i can arrive SY ? should Flight from Bangkok to Beijing and then from Beijing to reach ?
Answers (4)
Answered by John from TANZANIA | Dec. 06, 2014 19:04

Yes, you can take plane from Bangkok to Beijing, and then transfer to another one to Harbin. After arrival, take airport shuttle bus line 1 to the railway station. Then walk to Harbin Nangang Bus Station to take a direct long-distance bus to your destination.
Answered by Mr.YAQOOB99 from BH | Dec. 13, 2014 15:23

are you sure ? its look like a Trip around the world? in fact , i have search online and find that i can get flight from Bangkok to Changchun then from Changchun to SY i should buy Trains Ticket to reach SY city .
Answered by Amanda | Dec. 15, 2014 03:09

But there is no diect flight from Bangkok to Changchun. To transfer in Beijing, your trip can easier.
Answered by Mr.YAQOOB99 from BH | Dec. 15, 2014 20:00

Yes but with China Southern Airline from Bangkok to Changchun there is 1 stop , its easy and batter for me
Asked by Mrs.Dilts from USA | Feb. 24, 2011 17:34Reply
How would I travel from Bejing to Songyuan?
Answers (1)
Answered by Mr.Sam | Feb. 24, 2011 21:21

There is one train 2589/2592 running from Beijing to this city everyday, taking 18 hours. For saving time, it is suggested that you take a flight from Beijing to Changchun and then transfer to Songyuan by bus or train.
Asked by Mr.David Yeng from SINGAPORE | Nov. 26, 2010 20:15Reply
I Would like to make a trip to Song Yuan City, but as a backpacker. May i know if there are any hostels below RMB 50 (i.e. SGD 10)/night. Thanks lots.
Answers (1)
Answered by Mr.Sam | Nov. 27, 2010 04:10

There are some local home inn which charges no more than CNY50. However, as a foreign traveller, I'm afraid that you are not to stay at such kind of place. Actually, you could find many nice hotels which only charge CNY80~150 per night.
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