Longmen Scenic Area (Dragon Gate Scenic Area)

Longmen Scenic Area is located in Longmen Town, which lies about 30 kilometers (19 miles) north of Hancheng City. Dragon Gate is a gorge along the Yellow River and is well-known as one of the "Small Three Gorges in Northern China". It is said that only a divine dragon is able to jump over this gorge, which accounts for its title "Dragon Gate". The story of the gorge goes on to say that it is the place where Da Yu, an ancient hero in prehistoric age of China, controlled floods, which accounts for its other nickname – "Yu Gate" (Yumen).

Steep cliffs surround Dragon Gate Gorge, giving it the appearance of a gate leading to and from the Yellow River. The gorge is very narrow, measuring only 80 meters (87.5 yards) in width, and forms a natural sluice. Here the Yellow River flows very quickly, pounds against the high mountains, and gushes out with the water making a loud roar. Further downstream, beyond the gorge, the river gradually broadens and its water streams slowly. When observed from afar, this area makes a great photo opportunity, with the great river flowing east, bringing with it an abundance of mist-covered rolling water.

Above this magnificent gorge, one can visit the Yellow River's shortest bridge. This bridge links Hancheng of Shaanxi Province and Hejin of Shanxi Province. In Chinese this bridge is referred to as a Qin Jin Zhi Hao, which represents the link between the two provinces. During the Spring and Autumn Period (770 BC-476 BC), marriages were common between the Qin Kingdom (in Shaanxi province) and Jin Kingdom (in Shanxi Province). Marriages between the two cities were seen as one of the best ways to establish friendly relationships between the two kingdoms. Visitors to this bridge are often able to feel the deep relationship between the two areas.

Qin-Jin Gorge: It is a part of Longmen Scenic Area. The roaring Yellow River, which rolls to Hekou Town in Inner Mongolia, like a sharp sword, chops the plateau in half which creates the boundary between Shaanxi Province and Shanxi Province. A deep gorge called Qin (short for Shaanxi)-Jin (short for Shanxi) is formed in this way. Measuring about 435 miles, the gorge is compared to a long gallery of paintings, attracting more and more visitors each year.

The Qin-Jin Gorge creates the magnificent view into a delicate and graceful beauty like typical Jiangnan (south of Yangtze River) scenery. The vast expanses of reed marshes in Qiachuan provide a romantic and peaceful environment for visitors to enjoy themselves. The lotus pond, from time to time, sends sweet fragrance which can be seen from far away.

Come and visit and enjoy a different view of Yellow River.

Getting There:

1. By Bus: Mini-buses are available at the Long-distance Bus Stations in Xi'an. Board one heading to Hancheng, and then take a mini-bus to Xiayukou, then transfer onto another minibus to Daqiao.
2. By Train: Take a train to Hancheng, and then board a minibus to Xiayukou, and transfer onto another midibus to Daqiao.

Train Timetable: Xi'an – Hancheng 

Train Departure Arrival Ticket Price
Xi'an-Hancheng (1096) 02:40 06:40 CNY 19 for hard seat;
CNY 56 for hard sleeper
Xi'an-Hancheng (7001/ 7004) 12:50 20:08 CNY 18 for hard seat;
CNY 55 for hard sleeper

Fees: Admission Fee: Free
Steamer Ticket: CNY 20
Opening Time: Open All Day
Recommended Time for a Visit: 40 minutes
- Last updated on Jun. 28, 2022 -
Questions & Answers on Longmen Scenic Area
Asked by Roger from AUSTRALIA | Jan. 23, 2013 07:38Reply
Hancheng to Longmen by bus ? I'm a bit confused.
You mention - "... take a mini-bus to Xiayukou, then transfer onto another minibus to Daqiao" - is Daqiao the same place as Longmen ? Da Qiao means "big bridge" right ? How will I know where to get off the bus ?

There is no direct bus from Hancheng to Longmen ?

Answers (4)
Answered by Kate | Jan. 24, 2013 03:00

Daqiao refer to Yumenkou Bridge at Longmen. If you get off at Daqiao, you will reach Longmen attraction.
Daqiao is the terminal of the minibus, so please do not worry about it. Or you can ask the driver or the conductor to remind you.
There is no direct buses to reach Longmen.
Answered by Roger from AUSTRALIA | Jan. 24, 2013 06:52

Thankyou that is clear now, I can see Yumenkou on the map.
Answered by chris from PHILIPPINES | Jul. 03, 2014 02:24

hi kate,

is there any bus from weinan linwei district that go direct to hancheng? do i realy have to travel back to xian?

also is the information in this site updated? maybe there are some changes made or price increase? kindly give us some information.

one more thing, what specific places or attractions that can be visited in the Dragon Gate? is it one day tour, can come back at night or there are places to stay to stay over night.

Answered by Luna from UNITED KINGDOM | Jul. 03, 2014 22:50

Yes, there are. Many direct buses to Hancheng are scheduled at Weinan Passenger Transport Center, which is right at Linwei District, so you don't need to go back to Xi'an! I remember the bus fare from Weinan to Hancheng is around 50RMB for your reference!
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