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Macau 853 No zip code

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 Asked by Mrs.Helen(U.S.A.)
Can anyone help me look up an Zip Code in Macau???
the address is Rua De nam Keng 111, EDF Flower City-Lei Fung, 25-AND-M Taipa. 

  Answered by Mr.Dean
The international zip code for Macau is 999078. However, it hasn’t been widely used actually. When you post a letter or package to Macau, please make sure that your address is correct. Then it will arrive at last.
The situation in HK is the same. Write your address correct and it will go to the receiver.

 Asked by Mr.Chan(singapore)
Where is the best 3 star hotel to stay in Macau if the city is too crowded. Where are most of the casino situated? Is Metropole Hotel in the city close to the Venetian or Sand Casino? Where are most of the shopping centres situated? Thank you 

Answered by Mr.jerry
No, they are nor close with each other. Comparatively, the hotel is nearer to Sand Casino.
For shopping, you can get to the Central Plaza at Av De Almeida Ribeira, New Yaohan at Av da Amizade and the most popular fairground near the Ruin of St. Paul. Hope it is helpful.

 Asked by Mrs.Chin(Malaysia)
We will be staying in Metropark Hotel in Macau, please advise some eating places & suggest some interesting places because we have only have 1 full day free by ourselves. Must be walking distance because 5 of us otherwise we need 2 taxi. We are aware that taxi fare is very expensive there.
Thank you. 

  Answered by Ms.Cindy
Eating place: Rua Do Cunha in Taipa, Interest place: Lisboa, Sands Casino (the casino is closed to your hotel). It is economical to take taxi if you have more people going together. I have heard that there are taxi for 7 persons. Most ordinary taxis allows four people, unless you can negotiate with the drive if you five can take one.

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Questions & Answers on Macau Area & Zip Code
Asked by Prama | Oct. 07, 2020 01:36Reply
Sheraton hotel cotaisentral Macau China
I need to know the postal code of this place
Answers (1)
Answered by Harper | Oct. 11, 2020 23:49

You can try to use 999078.
Asked by Lokesh from UNITED KINGDOM | Dec. 19, 2019 02:27Reply
Need Postcode for Sending Gift
Hello, Can you please help me for the post code for
"Wuzhou Drug International Trading Limited"
Block AJ underground,Hantec Tower,No.22 Thermal Power Station Alley,Macao.

I've to send them the gift.

Looking forward for your response soon
Answers (1)
Answered by Jennie from THAILAND | Dec. 22, 2019 23:12

It is 999078.
Asked by Adriana from BRASIL | Sep. 17, 2019 11:54Reply
Please, I need Zip code for Edificio Wang Son 80 Av. da Concordia -Macau
Answers (1)
Answered by Ainsley from GHANA | Sep. 18, 2019 23:36

You can try to use 999078.
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