Macau Festivals & Holidays

The lion dancers are imitating the happy lion family vividly.
Lion Dancing

With a 400-year history blending inhabitation of Chinese, Portuguese and other western cultures, Macau has all sorts of festivals and holidays. Traditional Chinese festivals, local folk and religious feasts and great international events and activities entertain travelers all year long.

Although once a Portuguese colony, Chinese people dominate the popular of Macau -- up to 95%, among which most are from Guangdong and Fujian provinces with their prevailing traditions and folk customs. As a result, celebration of Chinese traditional festivals form an important part of Macau's festive feast.

Traditional Chinese festivals celebrated include: Chinese New Year (Spring Festival), Qingming Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and Chongyang Festival (Double Ninth Festival).

Festive Lantern for the Celebrations

The traditional Chinese Lunar New Year is the greatest celebration in Macau. It is a New-Year welcoming and family gathering time when people get together for a grand family feast. Local people like going out to buy beautiful flowers to decorate houses-- considered to bring good luck to a family. Devout prayers bless a good future and fortunes in A-Ma Temple or Kun Iam Temple.

The streets are heavily decorated with lanterns, flowers and other auspicious ornaments. All sorts of celebrative activities such dragon and lion dances, art performances and fireworks display turn the street into a sea of joy.

Dragon Boat Festival (Double Fifth Festival) is another important Chinese festival. The annual Macau International Dragon Boat Races are very popular in Southeast Asia. The exciting boat races attract crowds from all over the region.

Christmas Decoration
Christmas Decoration

On the days of religious and folk festivals, such as Procession of the Passion of Our Lord, the God Jesus, Feast of the God Tou Tei, A-Ma Festival, Feast of Buddha, Feast of Kuan Tai and other events, ceremonial activities are held with all sorts of elaborate parades, music and dancing performances, and opera displays. These activities are good opportunities for Chinese, Portuguese and westerners to learn more about each other's customs and cultures.

A-Ma Festival on the day of 23rd of March is dedicated to the goddess, A-Ma, said to be a legendary heroine who saved Macau people from storms. People pay homage to the goddess in A-Ma Temple on the day.

Macau Open Golf Tournament and FIVB World Grand Prix and Macau International Marathon are three world-known events which attract thousands of crowds to the city.

A variety of colorful tourist events such as Macau Int'l Music Festival, Arts Festival and the International Fireworks Display Contest are held by local tourist organizations and companies as well.

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