Mid-autumn Festival in Taiwan

The Mid-Autumn Festival in Taiwan also falls on 15th day of the 8th lunar month. In 2019, it is on September 13 and people get one day off from work to celebrate the festival. Most of the customs and activities of the Mid-Autumn Festival in Taiwan are related to the moon, including worshipping the moon and Deity Tudigong, having fun in moonlight and eating mooncakes …. In addition, new fashions come into being in recent years, like barbecue, which is quite popular in Taiwan.

Outdoor barbecues are popular on Mid-autumn Festival.

In Taiwan, when people talk about Mid-Autumn Festival, the first thing come into their mind is barbecue, even the traditional food mooncake is placed behind the barbecue. About a week before the Mid-Autumn Festival, supermarkets begin to promote barbecue appliances and all kinds of meat. On the Moon Festival in Taiwan, you can find a buffet of barbecues in the streets, parks, by rivers and even outside the office buildings.

There are several reasons about why barbecue is so popular during the Mid-Autumn Festival in Taiwan. The most popular one is that the soy sauce advertisement made it a custom. In the mid-1980s, Wanjiaxiang Soy Sauce and Jinlan Soy Sauce launched advertisements which successfully embedded soy sauce in barbecue. The advertisements of the two major manufacturers have been launched intensively during the Mid-Autumn Festival for several years, gradually leading the trend of “Mid-Autumn Festival barbecue”.

Mooncake - the Traditional and Must Food of Mid-autumn Festival

Taiwan mooncake has its own characteristics, and the flavors are mostly salty sweet. The famous varieties are egg yolk red bean paste mooncake and small sized glutinous rice mooncake.

Eat Pomelo - to Bring Luck and Bliss

Eating pomelo is also a custom of Moon Festival in Taiwan, because the pomelo has the homonym of “blessing kids”. The skin of pomelo is not peeled at random; it is usually formed the shape of a flower and child will wear it on head for good luck.

Mooncake Betting (Bo Bing) - Typical Folk Game in Taiwan and Fujian

It is said that mooncake betting was invented by Zheng Chenggong (1624.08.26-1662.06.23), a famous general who recaptured Taiwan from Netherlands, when he was on the Gulangyu Island to encourage soldiers. On the eve of the Mid-Autumn Festival every year, some merchants set up the mooncakes and invite people to the betting. During the game, six dices will be thrown in turn. Whoever gets the auspicious number will get the prepared mooncakes.

Offer Sacrifices to Ancestors

Most Taiwanese have ancestral tablets in their homes. During the Mid-Autumn Festival, three kinds of leeks and three kinds of fruits are scarified on the table with the ancestral tablets. The three kinds of leeks refer to chicken, pork and fish.

Worship the Moon

During the Mid-Autumn Festival in Taiwan, people put moon cakes, pomelos, and persimmons on the incense table, and pray for peace. Man are not allowed to participate in it. Therefore, in Taiwan, the moon worship has become a women’s activity.

Worship Tudigong - a Tutelary Deity in Chinese Folklore

This custom is popular among local farmers, to express their thanks to Tudigong who give rich autumn harvest. In southern Taiwan, people also worship the deity of tree for protecting the forest.

Where to Celebrate the Mid-autumn Festival in Taiwan - 7 Best Places to Go

1. Taipei 101 Skyscraper

As a landmark and symbol of Taipei, the 101 building is the tallest place in Taiwan. It seems that you can grasp the moon standing on it. Around the 101 building is the most bustling area in Taiwan and the festive atmosphere is also strong.

2. Fisherman Wharf

Fisherman’s Wharf has become a leisure spot for Taipei people. Every day at dusk or at night, many people or lovers come to enjoy the scenery. Sitting on the boardwalk, you can enjoy the moon in the sky and see its clear reflection in the water.

3. Yulu Old Trail

On the Moon Festival, the Yangmingshan National Park will be open till 10:00 pm. It is so romantic to hike the Yulu Old Trail in the bright moonlight. After that, tourists can admire the full moon on Chingtienkang grassland and Siaoyoukeng.

4. Maokong Gondola

In recent years, the Maokong gondola has opened a mountain cable car, which will become a popular spot to appreciate the moon on the Mid-Autumn Festival night.

5. Sun Moon Lake

The attractions around Sun Moon Lake are very suitable for enjoying the moon. The lighting on the shore makes Sun Moon Lake look more romantic and beautiful.

6. Dongshan River Water Park

The Dongshan River Water Park has scenic spots for admiring the moon and stars, which is the first choice to enjoy the moon in Yilan.

7. Qingjing Farm

Qingjing Farm is located in Renai Town, Nantou. It has a wide view and endless green grasslands. You can lay on the grasslands and enjoy the moon.

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