Where to Eat in China

Donghuamen Night Market, Beijing
Donghuamen Night Market, Beijing

With thousands of years of culinary history, China is indeed a great country with a famous cuisine and a plentiful variety of food. An abundance of restaurants offering a variety of services exists virtually wherever you go. The brand name restaurant, local eateries and even roadside stalls can offer you delicious food to suit your taste. You can try the peppery Sichuan food, the delicate Shanghai dishes or the mild Cantonese cuisine or maybe sample Shandong cuisine renowned for its seafood dishes, or Hunan dishes with their sour and peppery flavors.

There are many restaurants providing different appetizing meals like hot pot, as well as cafeterias, snack bars, barbecue places and so on. Those restaurants offering tasty local flavors or family-style dishes bring a different experience and enjoyment. Vegetarians who have special needs and requirements when it comes to food need not fear, as there are excellent vegetarian restaurants in China as well. 

Moreover, there are gourmet streets in some cities. For instance, in Beijing, you can go to Wangfujing; in Xian, the Residential Street of Minority Hui (Huimin Jie) is highly recommended. In the gourmet street, you can see many Chinese snacks shops. The snacks they provide are inexpensive and very tasty.

For those seeking them, western style restaurants as well as Japanese, Korean, and Indian restaurants abound, especially in the big cities. The internationally known fast food outlets like KFC, McDonald's and Pizza Hut exist in China but if you want a buffet supper, you can find a buffet restaurant very easily, providing not only Chinese but western dishes as well.  

Have a dinner at a restaurant
Have delicious food in a Chinese restaurant
Muslim Street in Xian
Muslim Food Street in Xian
Should you be invited to dine with a Chinese family, do not hesitate, as hospitable Chinese people will do their best to prepare a wonderful dinner for you. Should you have an interest in Chinese cuisine, you will be welcome see your host at work in the kitchen.

In a word, a healthy diet, delicate environment, quality service and featured Chinese dainty dishes will give you a deep and fulfilling impression during your visit in the country.

Tip: For more information, please refer to the Dining section of each city through our China City Guide.

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