China Tour from Vancouver

SG01-INTL: 9 Days Small Group Tour of Vancouver - Beijing - Xi'an - Shanghai - Vancouver
Tour Type: Small Group of 1-18 persons, guaranteed departures, all-inclusive
Guide & Driver: English-speaking guide & air-conditioned, licensed limousine
Tour Highlights:
  • Must-see sights in China - Mutianyu Great Wall, Forbidden City, Terracotta Army
  • Cruise on the Huangpu River to take in the impressive skylines of Shanghai
  • Walk into a local Chinese family, interact & dine with the hosts in their home
  • Enjoy a la carte meals, Kung Fu Show, Tang Dynasty Music and Dance performance
From $1809 per person Free Inquiry
Day 1 Flying from Vancouver
Generally, there are three direct flights on Thursday and Sunday and two direct flights on the other days of the week flying from Vancouver to Beijing. The plane usually departs around noon and the journey takes about 11.5 hours to arrive in Beijing. We will book the appropriate flight for you based on your time schedule. On the day of departure, you will find you own way to the airport and take flight to Beijing.
Day 2 Arrival in Beijing
When your flight lands in Beijing, our experienced local guide will pick you up at the airport after you clear the customs, and then transfer you to check in at the hotel. The rest of the day is your free time. Relax to store energy for the following China tour from Vancouver.
Accommodation: The Great Wall Hotel Beijing - the former Sheraton
Day 3 Beijing
Our group at the Forbidden City
Our group at the Forbidden City
The first stop of today's China tour from Canada is the Tiananmen Square. Then, walk across the largest urban city square in the world and proceed northward to reach the Forbidden City, which consists of the inner court and the outer court. The inner court was served as the residence for imperial families, while the outer courter was mainly used as administrative area for emperors to deal with political affairs.

After that, enjoy an a la carte welcome lunch with Peking Duck at a famous restaurant. Then, explore China's largest royal sacrificial building complex - the Temple of Heaven. This evening, we will arrange a fantastic Chinese Kung Fu Show at the Red Theatre.

Meals: Western buffet breakfast, A la carte welcome lunch
Day 4 Beijing
Mutianyu Great Wall
Mutianyu Great Wall
It would be a great pity for your China tour from Vancouver without visiting the Great Wall. So, this morning, we will explore the Mutianyu Great Wall by taking a round-trip cable car. Standing on the wall with a cup of red wine, you will feel amazed about this majestic masterpiece stretching for thousands of miles. 

We don't serve lunch today because the restaurants nearby are not up to our standard. You can have some fast food or pack some snacks for lunch. On the way back, we will make a short stop at the Bird's Nest. Then, have some leisure time at a famous local market.

Meals: Western buffet breakfast
Day 5 Beijing - Xi'an
Cycling on Xi'an City Wall
Cycling on Xi'an City Wall
Today's itinerary starts with China's largest royal garden - the Summer Palace, where we can appreciate picturesque natural sceneries and exquisite royal constructions. Then, a rickshaw tour through old Hutongs will be arranged for you to learn more about daily life of Beijinger. 

Around noon, have an a la carte lunch at a well-reputed restaurant. In the afternoon, our guide will transfer you to the airport for a flight to Xi'an, the next destination of your China tour from Vancouver. Upon arrival, you will be met and sent to the hotel by Xi'an Guide.

Meals: Western buffet breakfast, A la carte lunch
Accommodation: Sheraton Hotel
Day 6 Xi'an
Terracotta Army
Terracotta Army
The Terracotta Army, acting as one of the eight wonders of the world, is the first stop in this ancient city. Inside the museum, there are thousands of life-sized warriors representing the strong military power during the Qin Dynasty (221 - 207 BC).

After exploring this astonishing art work, we will serve you a special home-cooked a la carte lunch at a local family's home. It's a good opportunity for you to learn about Chinese food culture and you can also try to learn how to cook Chinese food. In the afternoon, visit the Small Wild Goose Pagoda and Xi'an Museum. An unforgettable night will be created when you watch the attractive Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show and taste the delicious Dumpling Dinner.

Meals: Western buffet breakfast, Home-cooked a la carte lunch, Dumpling dinner
 Friendly Tips

Clients visiting in Jan, Feb, Mar and Dec need to arrange the dinner and evening activity on their own for this day, since the theater is usually not open at that time.
Day 7 Xi'an - Shanghai
Learning to cook Chinese dishes at a local family
Learning to cook Chinese dishes at a local family
In the morning, we will have a leisure walk around the City Wall Park, where many locals do morning exercises, engage in other recreational activities or just chat with each other. All these events reflect the real life of local citizens. Moreover, you will be guided to practice Tai Chi with a master. Then, ascend the Xi'an City Wall, where you can get a close touch with the most complete city wall in China. Bike riding on the wall is also popular among visitors and the bike rental fee is on your own.

After an a la carte lunch at a well-known restaurant, our guide will escort you to the airport to fly to Shanghai, the last stop of your China tour from Vancouver. Our Shanghai guide will wait for you at the airport and transfer you to the hotel.

Meals: Western buffet breakfast, A la carte lunch
Accommodation: Crowne Plaza Century Park Shanghai
Day 8 Shanghai
Local people playing Tai Chi at the Bund
Local people playing Tai Chi at the Bund
Your China tour from Canada in Shanghai starts with the Shanghai Museum, which displays a large number of collections of ancient Chinese art works. Then, explore the famous Yu Garden, a typical classical garden in Southern China. The garden specializes in precious tree species, exquisite pavilions, delicate rockeries... Next is the surrounding Yuyuan Bazaar, which offers diversified small products and palatable local snacks.

Around noon, enjoy an a la carte lunch at a nice restaurant. Then, continue to discover old Shanghai at the Former French Concession. Afterwards, wander along the Bund, a must-visit place in Shanghai. We will arrange a special cruise over the Huangpu River to round out today's trip. 

Meals: Western buffet breakfast, A la carte farewell lunch
Day 9 Shanghai - Vancouver
After having a hearty breakfast at the hotel, it's time to say goodbye to your 9 days China tour from Vancouver. On each Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, there are two direct flights from Shanghai to Vancouver, while there are three on other days in one week. We will certainly purchase the tickets for you ahead of time. You will need to arrange your own trip to the airport. We recommend you take a taxi for convenience, which will cost about CNY 160 to Pudong International Airport. After a 10.5-hour flight journey, you will get back home. Wish you have had a wonderful trip with us!

Meals: Western buffet breakfast
Prices are per person in US Dollars; departures are guaranteed even with one person!
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Feb 23(Sat) Mar 03(Sun) $1109 $998$2009 $1898$329
Mar 04(Mon) Mar 12(Tue) $1119 $1007$1819 $1707$349
Mar 11(Mon) Mar 19(Tue) $1119 $1007$1819 $1707$349
Mar 25(Mon) Apr 02(Tue) $1119 $1007$1819 $1707$349
Apr 03(Wed) Apr 11(Thu) $1299 $1169$1899 $1769$409
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May 22(Wed) May 30(Thu) $1269 $1142$1869 $1742$379
May 29(Wed) Jun 06(Thu) $1279 $1151$1879 $1751$359
Jun 05(Wed) Jun 13(Thu) $1279 $1151$2479 $2351$359
Jun 12(Wed) Jun 20(Thu) $1279 $1151$2479 $2351$359
Jun 19(Wed) Jun 27(Thu) $1309 $1178$2509 $2378$399
Jun 26(Wed) Jul 04(Thu) $1279 $1151$2779 $2651$359
Jul 03(Wed) Jul 11(Thu) $1309 $1178$2809 $2678$359
Jul 10(Wed) Jul 18(Thu) $1309 $1178$2809 $2678$359
Jul 17(Wed) Jul 25(Thu) $1309 $1178$2809 $2678$359
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Aug 28(Wed) Sep 05(Thu) $1269 $1142$2569 $2442$379
Sep 04(Wed) Sep 12(Thu) $1309 $1178$2309 $2178$429
Sep 11(Wed) Sep 19(Thu) $1279 $1151$2279 $2151$389
Sep 18(Wed) Sep 26(Thu) $1279 $1151$2279 $2151$389
Oct 02(Wed) Oct 10(Thu) $1279 $1151$2279 $2151$389
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Nov 06(Wed) Nov 14(Thu) $1189 $1070$2189 $2070$389
Nov 20(Wed) Nov 28(Thu) $1109 $998$2109 $1998$339
Dec 07(Sat) Dec 15(Sun) $1109 $998$2309 $2198$339
Dec 21(Sat) Dec 29(Sun) $1109 $998$2509 $2398$339

Remark: The prices in red reflect 10% discount of land tour. International airfare does not enjoy discount.

Prices are per person in US Dollars; departures are guaranteed even with one person!
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Jan 04(Sat) Jan 12(Sun) $1109 $998$2309 $2198$339
Feb 12(Wed) Feb 20(Thu) $1109 $998$2009 $1898$339
Mar 04(Wed) Mar 12(Thu) $1109 $998$1809 $1698$339
Mar 11(Wed) Mar 19(Thu) $1109 $998$1809 $1698$339
Mar 25(Wed) Apr 02(Thu) $1109 $998$1809 $1698$339
Apr 04(Sat) Apr 12(Sun) $1299 $1169$1899 $1769$409
Apr 11(Sat) Apr 19(Sun) $1269 $1142$1869 $1742$379
Apr 18(Sat) Apr 26(Sun) $1269 $1142$1869 $1742$379
Apr 25(Sat) May 03(Sun) $1269 $1142$1869 $1742$379
May 02(Sat) May 10(Sun) $1269 $1142$1869 $1742$379
May 09(Sat) May 17(Sun) $1269 $1142$1869 $1742$379
May 16(Sat) May 24(Sun) $1269 $1142$1869 $1742$379
May 23(Sat) May 31(Sun) $1269 $1142$1869 $1742$379
May 30(Sat) Jun 07(Sun) $1279 $1151$1879 $1751$359
Jun 06(Sat) Jun 14(Sun) $1279 $1151$2479 $2351$359
Jun 13(Sat) Jun 21(Sun) $1279 $1151$2479 $2351$359
Jun 20(Sat) Jun 28(Sun) $1309 $1178$2509 $2378$399
Jun 27(Sat) Jul 05(Sun) $1279 $1151$2779 $2651$359
Jul 04(Sat) Jul 12(Sun) $1309 $1178$2809 $2678$359
Jul 11(Sat) Jul 19(Sun) $1309 $1178$2809 $2678$359
Jul 18(Sat) Jul 26(Sun) $1309 $1178$2809 $2678$359
Jul 25(Sat) Aug 02(Sun) $1309 $1178$2809 $2678$359
Aug 01(Sat) Aug 09(Sun) $1309 $1178$2809 $2678$359
Aug 08(Sat) Aug 16(Sun) $1309 $1178$2809 $2678$359
Aug 15(Sat) Aug 23(Sun) $1309 $1178$2809 $2678$359
Aug 29(Sat) Sep 06(Sun) $1269 $1142$2569 $2442$379
Sep 05(Sat) Sep 13(Sun) $1309 $1178$2309 $2178$429
Sep 12(Sat) Sep 20(Sun) $1279 $1151$2279 $2151$389
Sep 19(Sat) Sep 27(Sun) $1279 $1151$2279 $2151$389
Oct 03(Sat) Oct 11(Sun) $1279 $1151$2279 $2151$389
Oct 10(Sat) Oct 18(Sun) $1279 $1151$2279 $2151$389
Oct 17(Sat) Oct 25(Sun) $1279 $1151$2279 $2151$389
Oct 24(Sat) Nov 01(Sun) $1279 $1151$2279 $2151$389
Oct 31(Sat) Nov 08(Sun) $1189 $1070$2189 $2070$389
Nov 07(Sat) Nov 15(Sun) $1189 $1070$2189 $2070$389
Nov 14(Sat) Nov 22(Sun) $1109 $998$2109 $1998$339
Dec 07(Mon) Dec 15(Tue) $1109 $998$2309 $2198$339
Dec 21(Mon) Dec 29(Tue) $1109 $998$2509 $2398$339

Remark: The prices in red reflect 10% discount of land tour. International airfare does not enjoy discount.

Price Includes
  • China domestic airfares
  • Round-trip airfare from Vancouver (YVR)
  • Hotel accommodation with breakfasts
  • A la carte lunches as itinerary specifies
  • Professional English-speaking guides
  • Drivers & air-conditioned vehicles
  • Entrance fees to tourist sites
  • Tips or gratuities for hotel porters
Price Excludes
  • Land only package excludes international airfare
  • Entry Visa fees
  • Personal expenses
  • Tips or gratuities for guides and drivers
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