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2016 China Tourism Facts & Figures

Supervision has been strengthened to provide a better tourism environment

In 2016, Chinese government has strengthened supervision on scenic sites and travel agencies. In August, Orange Isle in Changsha and Shenlong Gorge Scenic Area in Chongqing were delisted from the 5A Scenic Spot List because of safety issues, poor environmental hygiene and a significant shortage of infrastructure and tourism services. The other three attraction sites including Mount Tianzhu in Anhui, as well as Mount Wuyi and Earth Towers of the Hakkas in Fujian were seriously reprimanded because of poor toilet facilities, disguised forced shopping, inadequate introduction of the scenic area, as well as ignorance of uncertified tour guides. This is also a kind of warning to other attraction sites, to encourage them to continuously improve their facilities and services or risk being delisted.

Another fact is that great efforts have been made to crack down on illegal one-day tours by providing tourism buses to famous attraction sites and reinforcing regulatory measures such as revoking the business licenses of some illegitimate tourism enterprises.

More Attention in Tourism Infrastructure Construction

In 2015, China launched the "toilet revolution" to build, reconstruct, or expand 25,000 toilets at tourist attractions all over the country. Till the middle August of 2016, about 29,512 toilets were either completed or under construction, which has already completed 51.77% of the three-year plan.

The fact is that it is not enough to only build toilets only; we should also renovate and construct other relevant tourism infrastructures. The barrier-free channels, mother and baby’s rooms and some special infrastructures for the disabled, elderly, weak, sick and pregnant are also need to be taken into consideration. And we should not only focus on scenic sites, but also pay some attention to other places that tourists may go like train stations, and airports.

Sizes of star-rated hotels and their business statistics in the last quarter of 2016

About 11,499 star-rated hotels submitted business data to the database of China National Tourism Administration by the end of 2016, which took up 94.15% of all star hotels. 10,157 hotels have been audited by provincial tourism authorities, including 72 one-star hotels, 1,972 two-star hotels, 4,937 three-star hotels, 2,367 four-star hotels and 809 five-star hotels. Their total revenue in the last quarter of 2016 reached CNY 54.434 billion, 42.42% of them, namely CNY 23.091 billion was from affiliated restaurants and the other 44.99%, namely CNY 24.490 billion was from room-related services. According to the data, the average room rate for the above-mentioned 10,157 hotels was CNY 341.13/room/night and the average occupancy was 56.60%; the revenue per available room was CNY 193.07/night, and the revenue per room was CNY 36,084.20.

 The sizes of star hotels and their business statistics in quarter 4:
Number of Hotels Average Room Rate (CNY / Room / Night) Average Occupancy (%) Revenue Per Available Room (CNY / Room / Night) Revenue Per Room (CNY / Room)
Total 10,157 341.13 56.60 193.07 36,084.20
5-Star 809 614.96 61.56 378.54 71,741.77
4-Star 2,367 334.73 58.50 195.82 38,706.66
3-Star 4,937 218.56 53.58 117.12 22,136.30
2-Star 1,972 181.01 54.64 93.47 14,346.75
1-Star 72 102.02 43.41 44.28 9,612.43

 Average room rate of top ten tourism cities in quarter 4 (CNY / Room / Night):
(Sorted by star level)
1-Star 2-Star 3-Star 4-Star 5-Star
City Price City Price City Price City Price City Price
Average 102.02 Average 181.01 Average 218.56 Average 334.73 Average 614.96
Beijing 195.40 Wuxi 333.93 Beijing 386.89 Shanghai 513.40 Shanghai 948.73
Shenyang 154.04 Wenzhou 289.71 Shanghai 372.27 Beijing 496.47 Sanya 936.95
Ningbo 120.52 Beijing 279.68 Lhasa 370.42 Zhuhai 477.24 Jinan 817.25
Hangzhou 119.59 Nanjing 268.04 Tianjin 336.75 Guangzhou 449.98 Beijing 803.64
Shanghai 118.89 Guangzhou 267.34 Shenzhen 329.08 Huangshan 434.22 Guangzhou 794.66
Guiyang 103.55 Shanghai 264.08 Guangzhou 316.05 Hangzhou 433.44 Harbin 730.14
--- --- Yichang 263.87 Hangzhou 312.93 Shenzhen 413.57 Shenzhen 717.88
--- --- Taiyuan 244.98 Fuzhou 291.45 Lanzhou 375.48 Lanzhou 708.63
--- --- Shenzhen 240.21 Yichang 273.93 Nanjing 375.14 Hangzhou 707.24
--- --- Hangzhou 230.13 Nanjing 271.62 Wenzhou 373.96 Kunming 677.34

Sizes of travel services and their business statistics in the last quarter of 2016

In the last quarter of 2016, a total of 28,097 travel agencies are operated in China and 26,508 of them, accounting for 94.34%, submitted their operating figures. They received 4.3823 million inbound tourists, which decreased by 1.70% over the same period of 2015. They organized 14.4891 million outbound tourists, which increased by 4.49%. They served domestic tourists of 42.4286 million, which showed an increase of 0.58% over the same period of 2015.

China Tourism Statistics during Chinese New Year in 2016

An upsurge for tourism came in 2016 Spring Festival. About 302 million tourists were received in China which witnessed an increase of 15.6% over the same period of 2015; it realized revenue of CNY 365.1 billion and it showed a rise of 16.3%. Among them, overnight tourists were up to 70.86 million and the consumption per person was up to CNY 3,054. Most of them were for sightseeing or leisure purposes such as tropical islands and leisure cities. More tourists chose independent tours and preferred mid-range or high-end tourism products. More tourists chose package tours to travel abroad.

Data Source: Ministry of Culture and Tourism of People's Republic of China

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Asked by Chamila from SRI LANKA | Nov. 15, 2018 03:55Reply
Chinese tourists arrival to sri lanka 2015 to 2017
Answers (1)
Answered by Hank from CANADA | Nov. 15, 2018 17:52

The Chinese tourists in 2015 was about 20 thousand and the number was 271,577 in 2016. In 2017, the number was 268,000.
Asked by shani from SRI LANKA | Feb. 12, 2018 02:31Reply
could you give me the tourist arrival figures of Chinese tourists to Sri Lanka?
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Answered by Sebastian from RUSSIA | Feb. 12, 2018 19:22

There were around 268,000 Chinese touristes in 2017 and 271,577 in 2016.
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