Xinjiang Weather

The weather in Xinjiang can be summarized with four characteristics: 1) in summer and winter it is extremely hot and cold; 2) the climate is dry with strong wind and little rain; 3) the temperature gap is large between day and night; 4) the sunshine is abundant making fruits delicious.

Best Time to Visit Xinjiang

Traveling to Xinjiang during July to September is the best choice, when the weather is most pleasant in a year and various fruits are in the harvest season. In September, as autumn is coming, the scenery is the most attractive among a year.

Annual Weather Facts of Major Cities

Urumqi Weather Averages
  • High Temp: 28~30℃ (82~86℉)
  • Low Temp: -20~-10℃ (-4~14℉)
  • Humidity: 57%
  • Rainfall: 460 mm
3-Day Urumqi Weather Forecast
Turpan Weather Averages
  • High Temp: 35~40℃ (95~104℉)
  • Low Temp: -12~-6℃ (10~21℉)
  • Humidity: 39%
  • Rainfall: 15 mm
3-Day Turpan Weather Forecast


Xinjiang Climate – Seasons & Travel Advice

Xinjiang is a landlocked region in western China and is surrounded by high mountains, which causes the dry climate of the place with little rain and strong wind. In the north and south of the region, the weather differs a lot, with the north colder and the south warmer. There is a saying describing Xinjiang weather: you will go through four seasons during a day; the weather is totally varied a hundred miles away.

In sunny days, at noon it is usually hot that you need to wear T-shirts, but when the sun sets, it will turn cold rapidly that you need to put on a thick quilt when sleeping. The temperature gap is usually over 12℃ (54℉). This climate feature helps the growth of fruits, making abundant fruits fresh and delicious.

In each season, Xinjiang has different attractions for you to enjoy.

Spring (Apr - May)

Wind most gathers in spring. The dry climate makes it dusty when the wind blows hard. Wearing a mask will help. In spring, apricot flowers in Turpan and Ili are in blossom. That flowers falling on grasslands forms an exquisite oil painting. Apart from enjoying flowers, you can make a step to the Kumtag Desert as summer has not arrived, it won’t be too hot to visit a desert.

What to Wear: hoodie, shirt & blouse, trench coat, trousers

Summer (Jun - Aug)

In summer, it is a good choice to watch the yellow rapeseed flowers and purple lavenders on the wild Bayanbulak Grassland or Nalati Grassland. During June to August, most fruits get mature. Don’t miss the chance to taste sweet melons, watermelons, grapes, peaches, pears, etc. Sunburn is hard especially in southern places, so take sunscreen, sunglasses and a sun hat.

What to Wear: shirt, dress, sunglasses, sun hat

Xinjiang Summer
Xinjiang Summer
Autumn in Xinjiang
Autumn in Xinjiang

Autumn (Sep - Oct)

It’s the best season to travel to Xinjiang, when you can have a view on the special forests. In September, Kanas Lake becomes a palette. The golden birch woods and the white cooking smoke of local people create a “fairy land”, making the lake a paradise for photographers. In the Takla Makan Desert, there stand large fields of populus euphratica forest. Populus euphratica is an ancient and precious tree species. It has a strong vitality to survive in deserts. With the strength on resisting drought and sand shifting, the tree is praised as the “hero tree of desert”. In autumn, the leaves turn red and yellow, forming unique attractive scenery.

What to Wear: long sleeves T-shirt, thin sweater, baseball jacket, walking shoes

Winter (Nov - Mar)

With a five-month-long winter, Xinjiang becomes a white snow world in this season. Heavenly Lake of Tianshan near Urumqi, Hemu Village in Altay and Kashgar are places recommended to enjoy the snow. In the long winter, activities like skiing, skating and desert hiking are what travelers like most.

What to Wear: sweater, fur lined parka, downcoat, snow boots

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Questions & Answers on Xinjiang Weather
Asked by Kenneth Kwan from SINGAPORE | May. 23, 2023 22:13Reply
I would like to travel to northern xinjiang
Please advise and recommend the best autumn month to see the multi-coloured foliage before leaves fall, and also the northern region that best portray Northern Xinjiang. I am looking at 14 to 16 nights itinerary, and I may form a family group of 4-8. Would appreciate you able to revert with full highlights in daily itinerary, details of places of interests, transportations, accommodations, meals plans, daily activities/excursions, of course, value for money pricing per person with airfares.
Answers (1)
Answered by Jesse | May. 25, 2023 00:08

Generally, September is the best month to travel to northern Xinjiang. The best way to travel is hiring a car or join in a tour as this is a really vast area. You can also contact TravelChinaGuide for more detailed information and tailor your trip.

A recommended travel route for about 15 days: Urumqi -- (Duku Highway) -- Cholma -- Narati -- Bayanbulak -- (Tianshan Mystic Canyon) -- Kuqa -- Kashgar -- (Muztagh Peak) -- Ta County -- Kashgar.
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