China Attractions Overview

China is rich in tourist attractions. The nature has endowed it with spectacular views. The 5,000 years long history has left it with many places of interest. The 56 ethnic groups make the country's folk customs so colorful. Due to all of these, plus unique music, drama and world-known delicacy, China attracts large crowds of tourists from home and abroad every year. China's tourist resources can be primarily divided into three parts: natural landscape, manmade attractions and folk customs.


Natural Landscape

The vast areas of the land and long coastline have blessed the country with magnificent and colorful landscapes. Here, you can see gorgeous canyons, as well as steep mountains; evergreen tropical rain forest, as well as snow-covered mountain ranges; desolate deserts, as well as crystal lakes. The major natural landscape types in the world can be found in this beautiful land. To appreciate the wild beauty, you can go to Qinghai-Tibet Plateau where wild lives will show you the toughness of life. To appreciate the majestic beauty, go to Himalaya Mountains, which will tell you what is the limit of height. To appreciate the elegant beauty, please visit the winding rivers and tender water towns in southern China.

Yangtze River of China
Xiling Gorge, Yangtze River
Kanas Lake, Xinjiang
Kanas Lake Inlaid in Forest, Xinjiang


Manmade Attractions

The long Chinese history and splendid culture have left countless sites of historic interest. The industrious Chinese ancient laboring people had created innumerable world wonders such as Great Wall, Terra Cotta Warriors and Forbidden City, accompanied by the circulation of many stories and allusions. To understand the splendid Chinese culture, you are suggested visiting places of historical interest. Generally speaking, the historic relics in China can be classified into three groups: holy place of religious culture, rock paintings and grottos, and famous historical and cultural cities. To see the holy place of religious culture, you will get to know how the three main world's religion as well as Chinese native Taoism developed in the country. The rock paintings and grottos are the gem and the symbol of Chinese ancient art treasure. China has over 100 historical and cultural cities, many of which have a history of over 1,000 years. Strolling in these cities, you will feel time slowly flowing backwards, and this is perhaps the best way to understand their glorious culture and history.

Great Wall of China
Great Wall
Terra Cotta Warriors Museum, Xian
Terra Cotta Warriors Museum, Xian

Folk Customs

China is a big family of 56 ethnic groups, each of whom differs in traditional culture and life styles. For example, Dai People, mainly living in Xishuangbanna of Yunnan, hold Water-Splashing Festival each year. On this day, people will chase and splash water on each other as they think water is the symbol of luck and happiness. Nadam Fair is Mongolian's annual pageant which is held between July and August. On this important festival, sport activities such as horseracing, wrestling, tug-of-war and ball games are held, attracting many local people to take part in and visitors to watch. Participate in these colorful activities, and you will learn more about the country's diversified culture.
Miao Girls
Miao Girls
Young Girls of Bai Nationality
Young Girls of Bai Nationality

At present, China has formed a tourism market with a comparatively large scale, great potential and fast growth. China, thanks to its unique charm, attracts more and more visitors to come and explore its beauty and mystery.

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