Aberdeen, Hong Kong
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On one of the southern tips of Hong Kong Island, Aberdeen is the largest satellite town with a population of about sixty thousand. It was a pirates' den two centuries ago and later turned into a simple fishing village. In recent years, with local high-rise building developments, it has modernized, and now it becomes a vibrant waterfront resort for people from metropolitan Hong Kong.

Local People's Life

Despite modernization, traditional fishing life still prevails. Especially, in Bei Fung Tong Typhoon Shelter, hundreds of junks and sampans, old-fashioned boats serve as floating homes for thousands of people. They crowd in the narrow harbor, dramatically juxtaposed against a modern high-rise building that spreads up the nearby hillsides. If you were lucky, warm-hearted fishers would invite you onto their dwellings, from where you can glimpse the life of the boat-people. If no invitation forthcoming, you can always take a sampan ride yourself. But do place caution and safety first. You should take rides only with licensed operators.

Floating Restaurants

Besides experiencing the traditional life of boat-dwellers, you may also enjoy tasty seafood here. Two magnificent floating restaurants, namely Jumbo and the Tai Bak seafood boats are available. They are anchored in the Aberdeen Harbor, where guests can take a free ferryboat shuttle to reach them for a feast of delicious seafood.

Aberdeen, Hong Kong
Aberdeen, Hong Kong
Aberdeen Wholesale Fish Market
Wholesale Fish Market
In Aberdeen, you may go to visit Country Park or Promenade. The Country Park has an area of about 1,045 acres (423 hectares). It's one of the country parks that Hong Kong developed in the earlier period. The Promenade neighbors on Wholesale Fish Market on the west and Squash&Tennis Center on the east with a total length of around 800 meters. The Promenade provides the open-air plaza, children's playground, basketball ground and many other facilities. Along the seashore of the Promenade, there are a few of piers, which offer the ships to Ap Lei Chau and the outlying islands. The ferryboats to Jumbo also anchor there.
Private Yachts at Aberdeen
Private Yachts
Fishing Boat at Aberdeen
Fishing Boat

How to get to Aberdeen

1. You can take a bus to get there, including bus no. 7, 37A, 37B, 37X, 38, 40P, 41A, 42, 42C, 47P, 48, 70, 70M, 70P, 71, 71P, 72, 73, 73P, 77, 78, 90B, 91, 91A, 93, 93A, 93C, 94, 94A, 94X, 95C, 95P, 98, 107, 107P, 170, 595, 970X, 971, 973, 973P, A10, N72, and N170.
2. There are green-roofed minibuses to take you there, including Minibuses No.4A, 4B, 4C, 4S, 5, 35M, 39C, 39S, 51, 51S, 52, 58, 58A, 59, 59A, 59B, 63, 63A, 69, 69A, and 69X. Also there are red-roofed minibuses to go there too.
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Questions & Answers on Aberdeen
Asked by paul pearson from Z0 | Feb. 04, 2019 16:05Reply
From Royal Plaza to Aberdeen?
which bus do I take from royal plaza hotel?
Answers (1)
Answered by Violet from CANADA | Feb. 13, 2019 23:17

Take bus no.104 from Heep Woh Primary School, Prince Edward Road West to Fenwick Street, Hennessy Road. Then transfer to bus no.37B to Aberdeen Wholesale Fish Market, Aberdeen Praya Road. Afterwards, walk northeast around 600 meters.
Asked by Stevan Markin from AUSTRALIA | Nov. 05, 2018 21:07Reply
Which bus to aberdeen from Nathan St.?
Answers (1)
Answered by Edie from USA | Nov. 07, 2018 01:03

You can take the bus 970X at Nathan Road and get off at Aberdeen. The whole ride needs about 50 minutes and HKD11.
Asked by Dante Mapelli from ITALIA | Aug. 23, 2018 04:40Reply
How to go to Hong Kong Aberdeen harbour fro Wan Chai?
Answers (1)
Answered by Bill from UNITED KINGDOM | Aug. 23, 2018 19:42

You can take the bus line 4B from Burrows street, Wan chai Road to Sai On Street, Outside Port Centre. Then walk about 200m, you can arrive at the destination.
Asked by Gautam kumar from HONG KONG | Jul. 21, 2018 20:28Reply
How to go to Aberdeen floating restaurant from Taikoo Shing
Answers (1)
Answered by Lisa from DENMARK | Jul. 22, 2018 23:20

You can take bus line 75 to Chen Baisha Memorial High School, Nun Lang Road and walk about 300m to get there!
Asked by DeAnn from UNITED STATES | Oct. 30, 2017 20:12Reply
How to get to Aberdeen from the City View Hotel?
Prefer to take MTR over buses. Thank you
Answers (1)
Answered by Kristin from USA | Oct. 30, 2017 21:42

Well, I’m afraid bus is more convenient since no direct metro can take you there.
You are suggested to take bus 970X to Dundas Street, Nathan Rd, and then walk south for 2 minutes and turn left. Walk east for 1 minute, you will see your hotel. It takes about 50 minutes and 11HKD.
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