Repulse Bay

Repulse Bay, Hong Kong
Holidaymakers at Repulse Bay, Hong Kong

Repulse Bay, located in the southern part of Hong Kong Island, is the most spectacular bay in the region. Its name comes from a 19th century battle in which the British army repulsed attacking pirates. Today, the place is a luxurious residential area for dining, relaxation, and aquatic activities.

The beach stretches long with clear azure blue water gently lapping the seashore. Its sand is golden and soft. With water temperatures ranging from 16°C (60.8°F) to 26°C (80.6°F) year round, it is a mecca for locals and visitors alike to escape the heat.

Swimming is obviously popular and the Repulse Bay is outfitted for safety with shark prevention nets and floating platforms. During the summer, lifeguards are on duty.

Besides aquatic activities, there are extensive facilities for visitors in Repulse Bay. Barbecue racks are available under the shade near the beach. In addition, the area is dotted with hotels, supermarkets, and cafes. A lighthouse near the beach is a popular place to take photos. Watching the sunset is another popular pastime for visitors. The Zhenhai Tower Park, built in the traditional Chinese style, is located near the beach. Huge statues of the Queen of Heaven and the God of Mercy (Kwan-yin) sit in front of the park.

Repulse Bay, Hong Kong Repulse Bay, Hong Kong

The Repulse Bay Tower was rebuilt on the site of the Repulse Bay Hotel. Now, it's a building for residence. In its front is the Shopping Plaza. In it, many restaurants and shops can be found.

Additionally, you may go to the Deep Water Bay, Middle Bay or South Bay, if time is not so pressing. They are all prefect bathing beaches, not far from the Repilse Bay.

How to get to Repulse Bay

You can take the Island Line or Tsuen Wan Line to Central Station first and then go out of the station to the Exchange Plaza through the Exit A. There are buses running  at the Exchange Square, including Buses No.6, 6A, 6X, 66 and 260. As the bus driver doesn't give you change, you'd better prepare some small money before getting on the bus.

Entrance Fee Free
Opening Hours All day

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Questions & Answers on Repulse Bay
Asked by Roel Lee from PHILIPPINES | Oct. 13, 2017 08:03Reply
How can I go to Repulse Bay from TST? Then from Repulse Bay to the Victoria Peak?
Thank you so much
Answers (1)
Answered by Leslie from ICELAND | Oct. 16, 2017 02:33

You can walk to Silber Cord, Canton Rd to take bus 973 to 127 Repilse Bay Rd. It takes about 1 hour and about 14HKD.
To Victoria Peak, take bus 6 to Bowen Rd, Stubbs Rd and transfer to bus 15. Get off at Victoria Peak. It takes about 1 hour and around 10HKD.
Asked by Freda from HONGKONG | Jul. 30, 2017 23:14Reply
how to get to Hong Kong stanley, chunghom kok here at taikoo station.
Answers (1)
Answered by Jenny from CANADA | Jul. 31, 2017 04:04

As I know, no direct bus is available, you can take City Bus 99 and get off at Tunnel Toll Plaza, then walk north for about 400 yards to Wong Chuk Hang Road, take City Bus 6X and get off at chunghom kok station.
Actually, it’s not a long distance, so you can also take a taxi there, which may take 80-90 HKD.
Asked by Lan Du from VIETNAM | Jul. 24, 2017 01:31Reply
Can I get to Ocean Park from Repulse Bay by bus?
Answers (1)
Answered by Linda from CANADA | Jul. 24, 2017 20:08

Yes, you can take City Bus 73 and get off at Wong Chuk Hang Road, then walk south for about 200 yards, you will get there.
Asked by Sarah from SINGAPORE | Mar. 27, 2017 00:51Reply
How to go to HK Repulse Bay and Stanley Market from Royal Plaza Hotel in Kowloon? Thanks
Answers (1)
Answered by Cora from NETHERLANDS | Mar. 27, 2017 20:51

To Repulse Bay: Take East Rail Line from Mong Kok East Station to Hung Hom Station. Then transfer to take bus no.973 from Hong Kong Museum of History,Cheong Wan Road to Hong Kong Museum of History,Cheong Wan Road. The whole way takes around 95 mins. The ticket fare is 17.3 HKD per person.

To Stanley Market: Take East Rail Line from Mong Kok East Station to Hung Hom Station, Exit D1. Transfer to bus no.973 from Hong Kong Museum of History,Cheong Wan Road to Stanley Village, Stanley Village Road. After that, walk southwest around 100 yards to find the destination. The duration is around 105 mins with the ticket fare of 17.3 HKD.
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