Lantau Island

Lantau Island
Lantau Island
Throughout Lantau Island, the beautiful scenery and famous historical sites are truly fascinating. There is a chain of mountains that stretches from the higher elevations in the west to the lower ridges in the east. The highest peak in the mountain range is Phoenix Mountain, standing 935 meters (3,068 feet) high. It is the second highest peak in all of Hong Kong. The most popular attraction for tourists visiting Lantau Island is climbing Phoenix Mountain to view and admire the sunrise. Tourists often climb up at night, and reach the top before the daybreak. It's steep in places so tourists should be well prepared before setting out. Bring a flashlight.

After one of the most advanced new airports in the world, Hong Kong International Airport, was opened on a man-made island in northern part of Lantau Island in 1998, your coming here becomes more convenient.

Things to do in Lantau Island

There are 47 villages on the island. Three of them, Mui Wo, Tai O, and Tung Chung are being developed as new towns. In addition, more than 78.4 square kilometers (30.3 square miles) of its territory has been designated as Wild Countryside Park. Tai O, also known as "The Venice of the Orient", is the largest settlement on Lantau Island. Crisscrossing canals run the length and breadth of the small fishing harbor. In addition, homes built on stilts over the water are a common sight here. Tai O was once a garrison town but has now become a peaceful fishing harbor. Salted fish is a local specialty. Tai O was once the largest city on the island. In the 1970s, Tai O started to attract holiday visitors, and today the town is prosperous and busy.
 In Ngong Ping on Lantau Island stands the Po Lin Monastery, which owns the famous Tian Tan Big Buddha. About 23m (112ft) high, it's the biggest bronze Buddha in the world.


The most beautiful beaches in Hong Kong are scattered along the southern coast, the area around Cheung Chau Island, and the vicinity of Tai O, which is about 3.2 kilometers (2 miles), 20 minutes by bus from Mui Wo.
The Big Buddha
The Big Buddha
Ngong Ping Piazza
Ngong Ping Piazza
After your eyes being delighted in the natural beauty of Lantau Island, you may pay a visit to Hong Kong Disneyland. The tranquil, natural environment and Hong Kong Disneyland make the island a popular spot for not only nature lovers and hikers but who like large entertainment parks as well.

Others Attractions

Besides enjoying the attractions above, what to do in Lantau Island? Taking Ngong Ping 360 to overlook Ngong Village is also a great experience! In addition, you can participate in many outdoor activities in the Wild Countryside Park such as hiking, camping, swimming, and fishing. Or you can have a barbecue in the mountains far from the hustle and bustle of the towns.
Entrance Fee Free for entering the island, but attractions inside may charge entrance fee. 
Opening Hours All day

How to get to Lantau Island

1. Visitors can take ferry from Central to Mui Wo to reach the island.

Mon. -Sat. Sun. & Holidays
Service Hours 00:30 - 23:30 00:30 - 23:40
Returning Time 3:40 - 23:30
Note: There are  slow ferry and fast ferry: the slow one takes 50-55mins; the fast one takes 35-40mins. 
2. Take Tung Chung Line to Tung Chung.

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