Three Gorges Tribe

Three Gorges Tribe
Three Gorges Tribe
Three Gorges Tribe in Yichang, Hubei Province, is a good place to enjoy the wonderful natural landscapes and experience the culture and customs of the Tujia ethnic minority. It stands between Gezhouba Water Conservancy Project and Three Gorges Dam Project along the Yangtze River. The natural scenery here is just like a painting, with the green mountains reflecting on the crystal-clear water, the quaint boats floating quietly, and the waterwheels rotating slowly under the blue sky. Also, you can appreciate amazing folk shows and acrobatics in the style of the ancients and the wonderful song and dance performances by Tujia girls and boys, which will bring you a lot of surprises. Here below are the most attractive scenic spots and the best performances:

The Shadow-Play Stones

There are four of them, resembling the four figures described in the "Journey to the West", one of China's four great novels. When the sun sets, the four stones look like four shadow puppets with the dark sky as backdrop, hence the name Shadow-play Stones. The most famous one is the Sandy Stone, which is praised as "the First Peculiar Stone of Yangtz River". Shaped like a mushroom, the stone is more than 100 tons with the supporting area on the bottom being only 30 square inches (194 square centimeters). Looking from the foot of the mountain, visitors may feel the stone seems to turn once someone touches it. However, the Sandy Stone has been there, keeping this posture for millions of thousands of years and is regarded as one of the symbols of Three Gorges in Yangtze River nowadays. Besides, visitors may see the Monkey King Stone putting one hand in front of his forehead and leading the way, the Pig Stone wandering with his fat belly, and the Tang Priest Stone putting his palms together.

The Shadow-Play Cave

Being about 5,000 feet (1,524 meters) long, the cave is of karst topography, full of stalactites of different shapes. The most interesting one is the Five-Colored Sound Stone, the surface of which has five colors including black, white, yellow, gray and green, with the clear boundaries. Additionally, you may hear the sound of drums and gongs when you pat the stone.

Village of Ba Nationality

Originated from the Three Gorges Area, Ba nationality is the ancestor of Tujia people. This village in Three Gorges Tribe is constructed of huge stones and logs, which has witnessed the love between the last King of Ba nationality and the most beautiful woman in the village 2,000 years ago. The main building in the village is the King's Castle, inside which are placed many halberds and swords. Besides, visitors can appreciate the farm tools of ancient Ba people.

Visitors can admire the folk shows and acrobatics in the village. If you are interested in instruments, you may listen to the Tujia music, which is played with the stringed instruments, making people feel fresh; if you are expecting to enjoy the Chinese folk acrobatics, you can watch the magicians walking on the swords and the road of flames without being injured. Besides, there are other traditional folk shows such as the shadow play and monkey show for visitors to enjoy.

Yellow Dragon Waterfall

The water springs out from a cave over a cliff, spreads out and then pours into the deep pool down below. The waterfall is named so because it is said that in the cave is living a yellow dragon which helps people drive off devils. In addition, water here has plenty of oxygen ions, which are beneficial to people's health.

Qinying Waterfall

On the opposite side of Yellow Dragon Waterfall of Three Gorges Tribe, Qinying Waterfall is dropping gently from a cliff. "Qin" refers to an instrument similar to a zither and "Ying" means an eagle. Dispersed by the rocks on the cliff, the water sprays out in droplets, resembling the strings of a qin. Moreover, the rock at the middle of the waterfall is connected with the cliff, looking like an eagle to be flying into the sky. Located opposite to each other, one being forceful, the other being gentle, Yellow Dragon Waterfall and Qinying Waterfall are like two lovers telling their love story to each other in different ways; therefore, they are also called Lovers Waterfall.

Longjin Brook

'Long' means dragon and "Jin" here refers to the action of jumping. The brook is named so because there is a mountain range opposite it resembling a giant dragon about to jump in to the river. Visitors coming here may hear the folk songs, see the small paths crossing, and enjoy the waterwheels rotating slowly over the clear water.

Also, there is the folk show about Marriage in the Tujia Ethnic Minority. Visitors may be invited to the stage and take part in the performance as the bridegroom if they get the silk ball, the beautiful "bride" thrown to the audiences. Sometimes the bridegroom and bride may propose a toast to the audiences. If you are unwilling to take it, you may refuse gently.

Three Gorges Tribe
Local Folk Houses

Village by the Brook

Walking into the bamboo forest, visitors may catch sight of the stilt houses which are made of wood. Some houses are built half on water and half on the ground. Where there is a high land, the back part and the side part need to be supported with wooden posts to be at the same height with the frontage; together with the corridor at the side, and the balcony at the back, they are the three most unique parts of the stilt houses. Bunches of garlic, cayenne pepper and corns hung above the door, young Tujia girls singing folk songs while washing clothes by the book, green bamboos swaying in the wind form a picturesque scene and visitors may be moved by the simple and slow life here. 

Macaque Mountain

Visitors may see baby monkeys sprawling comfortably in their mother's arms; watch them lying on the warm pebbles taking a sunbath; or massaging for each other. Monkeys on this mountain at Tribe of Three Gorges are very friendly and not afraid of people. They can easily tell the local people from visitors, and ask you for the food you take. Their favorite foods are bananas, cucumbers and peanuts. When the conservator comes here to feed them, they will stand in orderly fashion and wait. However, they are very naughty sometimes too since they love to act like a spoiled child to the women who are dressed with skirts, especially for the red ones. Ladies, be careful lest the monkeys lift your skirt! 

Moon Bay

Here, the Yangtze River makes a turn of nearly 110 degrees, forming a giant moon-shaped bay. When approaching it on a ship, you may feel like the river is blocked by the mountains. However, when cruising forward and passing by it, you will find the river is still flowing there, day and night.

Stone Tablet

Stone Tablet is actually a naturally formed white granite stone, which is flat on the surfaces, looking like a tablet. It is about 105 feet (32 meters) tall and weighs about 4,300 tons. It is said that the stone can bring people good luck; therefore many visitors come here to make wishes.


 The mountain is not very high, so visitors may choose to walk to the top, which takes about 1~2 hours. Also, you may take the cableway or the escalator to go up the mountain.
 Boxed meals are available in the scenic area for CNY 10. Visitors may taste the lunch or take some food on your own.


 By Bus:
 Take the special bus to Three Gorges Tribe directly at Yiling Square. The first bus is at 07:00 while the last is at 17:00. The buses depart about every one hour and duration is about one hour.
 Take the bus Line 10-1 at Yiling Square and get off at Three Gorges Tribe station. The first bus is at 07:05 while the last is at 17:30. The buses depart about every 45 minutes and the ticket is CNY 6 for the normal bus and CNY 10 for the air-conditioned ones. Duration is about one hour.

 By Boat:
Take the boat to Three Gorges Tribe at No.3 Ship Lock of Gezhouba Dam. The two boats are at 08:30 and 10:30 respectively. The boats will return at about 18:00.
Admission Fee CNY 180, including the admission ticket at CNY 150 and the round-trip tickets for ferryboat at CNY 30.
* Children of 3.9~ 4.6 feet (1.2~ 1.4 meters): CNY 105, including the admission ticket at CNY 75 and the round-trip tickets for ferryboat at CNY 30.
* Children below 3.9 feet (1.2 meters) enjoy free tickets. But they need to pay CNY 30 for the round-trip tickets for the ferryboat.
Time to Buy Tickets: March~ October: 8:00-15:30
November~ next February: 8:30-15:00
Optional Fees  Tour guide: CNY 200 for a day;
 Cableway: CNY 30/ trip;
 Escalator on the mountain: CNY 30.
Opening Hours March~ November: 8:00-17:30
December~ next February: 8:30-17:00

 Nearby Attractions:
 Three Gorges Dam Project: The world's largest hydropower project.
 Gezhouba Water Conservancy Project: The first large water control project on Yangtze River.
 Xiling Gorge: The longest gorge of the Yangtze River There Gorges with splendid scenery.
 Qu Yuan's Hometown: The gathering place of Qu Yuan, the great patriotic poet's temple and tomb, as well as local folk houses.
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Questions & Answers on Three Gorges Tribe
Asked by Loana from CHINSA | Aug. 22, 2019 06:39Reply
Boat from Yichang 3 Gorges Tribe
Hi, how far is the meeting point where we can take the boat to the 3 gorges dam from the Yichang train station? Is there a way to book ticket online knowing I have all Chinese apps that might be required? We are just visiting this city for the day so we would like to organize ourselves accordingly. Thanks
Answers (1)
Answered by Joy from AUSTRALIA | Aug. 25, 2019 19:08

You can take boat from Gezhouba pier to 3 gorges dam. So from the railway station, you can take bus b3 from Lvluo Road station to Chuanzha station, then walk north of 300m to it. You can book the ticket of scenic area online by other travel company's app.
Asked by Phuong from VIETNAM | Oct. 16, 2018 17:02Reply
Hi everyone, Can I travel to Three Gorges in Dec?
Answers (1)
Answered by Easton from UKRAINE | Oct. 16, 2018 20:30

Don't worry. You can still visit there in winter. The scenery will be still impressive.
Asked by Sathapat Phaethong from THAILAND | Feb. 15, 2018 02:58Reply
Considering the traveling time, is it possible to make a one-day trip to Yichang from Wuhan?
Answers (1)
Answered by Cecila from FRANCE | Feb. 21, 2018 21:17

I guess it is, as I know, the bullet train between the two places takes about 2h. You can use it to arrange the trip!
Asked by Sanam from IRAN | Feb. 12, 2017 08:10Reply
Is it possible to take boat from Yichang to Chongqing?
Hey everyone,

If yes, how many hours it takes to pass the river?
I am a female solo backpacker, how safe are these boats?

Thank you,
Answers (3)
Answered by Darcy from GERMANY | Feb. 12, 2017 21:15

Actually, it is the cruise that will take you to pass the river. It takes five days and four nights so that you can have a whole view of Yangtze River. It is safe enough and you can book a single room. The website you are visiting provides the service as I know. If needed, here is their contact information:!
Answered by Sanam from IRAN | Feb. 13, 2017 02:27

Dear Darcy,
Thank you for your respond.
Is there any boat available in YC by that could visit 3 Gorges?
Answered by Darcy | Feb. 18, 2017 00:22

Yes. As I know, you can go to Three Gorges Tourists Center which is located at No.142, Yanjiang Avenue.
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