Gezhouba Water Conservancy Project

As the experimental dam of the Three Gorges Dam Project (hereunder abbreviated as TGP), Gezhouba Water Conservancy Project is located in Yichang City of Hubei Province, 38 kilometers (23 miles) away from the TGP. When the Yangtze River goes through the Nanjin Pass, the river suddenly becomes a lot broader, widening from 300 meters (0.2 miles) to 2,200 meters (1.4 miles). At a cost of 4.9 billion CNY, this project was started in 1970 and finished in 1988. 2,606 meters (1.6 miles) long and 53 meters (173 feet) high, the dam divided the Yangtze River into three parts, which are respectively called Da Jiang, Er Jiang and San Jiang in a south to north order. It consists of two hydro electric power stations, three navigation locks, and several sluice-gates some of which are used for accumulating water in dry seasons. At the first sight of this giant project, people will surely be astonished at its size and the majestic waterfall pouring from water gates.
Gezhouba Water Conservancy Project
Gezhouba Water Conservancy Project
Gezhouba Dam
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People say that this project not only benefits the country and the people as a whole, but is also a feast to eye and imagination. There is a total storage capacity of 1.58 billion cubic meters (2 billion cubic yards), and a maximum discharging capability of 110,000 cubic meters (143,874 cubic yards) per second. Since 1981, it has survived two severe floods. The two power stations generate a total of 15.7 billion kwh each year serving Shanghai, Henan Province, Hunan Province, Wuhan, etc. The three ship locks, each having a chamber 280 meters long (918 feet), 34 meters (111 feet) wide and five meters (16 feet) deep, make it possible for 10,000-ton (11,023 US short ton) passenger or cargo ships to pass through.. In recent years, this project has become a popular scenic spot with the construction of the TGP. Standing near the sluices, people will be amazed at this man-made wonder.  
Gezhouba Water Conservancy Project Gezhouba Dam
Admission Fee: CNY 10
Mini Bus Route: 3, 9

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