Wu Gorge
Wu Gorge
Wushan is a county located in the Three Gorges Dam Reservoir Area through which Yangtze Cruise ships pass. As the eastern gate of Chongqing, it has a long history and abounds with rich resources. During the Eastern Zhou Dynasty (770 BC-221 BC), it was a shire of Chu State and in Qin and Han Dynasties (221 BC- 220 AD) its name was changed to Wu County.

Historic Relics

Of the counties of the Three Gorges Reservoir Area, Wushan has the most cultural relics and historic sites, over 40 historic sites and one thousand rare cultural relics in all.

Longgupo Pithecanthrope Site, is the site of fossils of one of the earliest human beings - Wushan Man. About two million years ago, they lived in this region. Daxi Town, where the Neolithic Site is located, has 5,000 years of history and is home to the famous Daxi Culture. This area also contains the Ancient Town of Dachang (1368 - 1644), well-preserved Han Tombs, one of the Yangtze's ancient Tang Dynasty temples and Luyou Cave.  

Of the cultural relics in this county, the Ancient Plank Road and the Suspended Coffins are well-known.

Natural Beauty

Three Little Gorges of Daning River
Three Little Gorges of Daning River
Besides boasting a long history, Wushan takes pride in its natural scenery. As Wushan traverses the whole part of Wu Gorge and most of Qutang Gorge, it combines many landscapes of the two gorges of Yangtze River. Among these are the twelve peaks of Wushan along the two banks of Wu Gorge. The Goddess Peak is the most prominent and has many beautiful legends.

Near Wushan are the Three Little Gorges of Daning River. Because of its unique beauty and dangers shoals, it has been visited by numerous tourists and celebrities and praised as one of the marvelous spectacles of China. Yangtze River cruise ships usually stop here to give visitors a chance of drifting along the Three Little Gorges.

Wushan has been visited by numerous poets who wrote works praising its scenery. It is not only the cradle of Daxi Culture and Bachu Culture but also that of Goddess Culture and Wu Culture.

Since the instigation of the Three Gorges Dam Project, a new, more charming, scene has been appeared here. Don't miss Wushan and its scenery while cruising along the gorgeous Yangtze River.

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