Located on the northern bank of the Yangtze River, Fengdu is 107 miles from Chongqing and 296 miles from Yichang. It is usually arranged as the first shore excursion while on a Yangtze Cruise if one chooses the down stream cruise.

Having a history of nearly 2,000 years, Fengdu County has formed a special culture of ghosts and the afterlife. Well known as the resting place of the spirit of the dead, Fengdu is now the most characteristic and reputed historic and cultural town in China.

Tourist resorts in Fengdu are abundant. Both the natural beauty and historic relics are immediately available to all tourists.
Fengdu Port
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Market, Fengdu County
Market, Fengdu County
Some natural scenes like virgin forests, mountains, everglades, grassland, canyons, and karst caves can be admired. On the southern bank of Yangtze River, the Snow Jade Cave is the most attractive one. Some Yangtze Cruise ships usually stop in Fengdu enabling visitors a shore excursion opportunity to visit the cave. As most of the stalactites in the cave are white and pure, the cave looks like a world of snow. Many world wonders can be found in the cave.

As for the historic relics, Mt. Ming is a mountain combining the religion of Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism. Sculptures, paintings, and architecture are unique characteristic of the mountain. The Ghost City on Ming Mountain has become a popular resort for Yangtze River Cruises. It is the best place where one can learn all about Chinese ghost culture. In addition, the "damned king stone" inscription is the largest rock-side stone carving statue in the world.
Fengdu Ghost City
Fengdu Ghost City
Snow Jade Cave, Fengdu
Snow Jade Cave, Fengdu
Other attractions like Shuangguishan National Forest Park and the impressive Han Tombs which are the largest in scale and numbers in China are also worth visit.

Part of the territory of Fengdu is now submerged in the river due to the Three Gorges Dam Project. The new county of Fengdu has been constructed on the southern bank of the Yangtze River which faces the old county across the river. During years of development, it has become the center of politics, economy, culture and tourism of Fengdu. More and more local residents will move to the county as the water rises over the next several years.

Fengdu Sightseeing List:

 Ghost City
 Snow Jade Cave
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Questions & Answers on Fengdu
Asked by Ben from AUSTRALIA | Jul. 04, 2017 04:40Reply
Luggage storage Facility at Fengdu?
Plan to visit the ghost city from chonqqing by high speed train and then proceed to Enshi grand canyon in the afternoon, wonder whether there is a luggage storage at Fengdu Train Station ?This is to avoid of going back to Chongqung again and leave again the next day.
Also , from Fengdu train station which station is more convenient (Enshi or Lichuan) for me to catch a shuttle bus to Enshi Grand Canyon and is there any bus going to the canyon in afternoon?


Answers (2)
Answered by Steve from CANADA | Jul. 06, 2017 02:51

Hi, Ben. Don't worry, there is left-luggage-office in Fengdu Train Station.
Enshi Train Station is more convenient for you because the minibus to Enshi Grand Canyon is available in the afternoon. You could take bus 6-a, 6-b at Huochezhan Transition Hub to Enshi Guangchang Station. Then take a minivan at Aviation Road Bus Station to the canyon.
Answered by Ben from AUSTRALIA | Jul. 06, 2017 11:12

Thanks a lot, Steve. It's really helps.

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