Qingdao Botanical Garden

Constructed in 1976, the Qingdao Botanical Garden takes up an area of 100 hectares (247 acres), and it is situated in the south slope of Taiping Mountain. To the west, there are picturesque Zhongshan Park and Qingdao Zoo, and the ancient Zhanshan Temple lies to its east. Rare and endangered varieties are growing in the garden which assembles more than 1,000 species of domestic and foreign plants most worth seeing.

Seen from the cableway of Taiping Mountain, Qingdao Botanical Garden presents a superb view. The south slope is covered with straight and lush cedar trees, and the west slope is the production plot. In warm spring, flowers of varied colors bloom here, making the visitors stop and appreciate involuntarily. Qingdao Botanical Garden consists of an amusement park, a fine-woods garden and some distinctive small gardens and pavilions.

Amusement Park

The amusement park covers a vast area, and it is a grand forest park in urban Qingdao providing amusement and healthful exercise. The terrain varies greatly with valleys, woods, lakes distributing in good order. Tourists can try traditional activities in the mid-air bridge, or do ropewalking, forest bathing, fishing and yachting. The slideway, bungee, gliding in the air, rock-climbing, car-racing, hunting, bullfighting and other exciting activities will meet the demands if you are adventurers.

Fine-woods Garden

In its center, there is a small square with a fountain built on a three-storey marble platform. Potted plants of various bearings are placed in the northwest of the square. Over ninety varieties, including camellia species, ginkgoes, Japanese five needle pines, magnolias, and some American species are growing here. Walking along the wandering paths in the lawn, you can get a close contact with the rare plants and flowers.

Step on the marble stairs, visitors can see a variety of scenic rocks lay about. The meandering streams and exquisite wooden corridor bring visitors close to nature. There is a fountain in the center of the square, symbolizing the prosperity of the botanical garden. The bonsai plants with various styles can be found in the northwest of the square, behind it, the seasonable flowers decorate the wall, which comes simply refreshing. In the northernmost mountain slope, the acres of red leaf cherry plum are densely growing, adding the unique charm to Qingdao Botanical Garden.

Besides, the Qingdao Botanical Garden also has some exquisite small buildings worth visiting. The French Villa, lying on the south slope of the Taiping Mountain, was built in 1920s and designed by Russian. Owing to the extraordinary French characteristics, it is greatly favored by tourists. The Sino-Japan Friendship Garden presents a spectacular view in spring with more than 600 cherry trees and over 1,000 azalea trees.

In Qingdao Botanical Garden, almost every sort of plants is marked by its scientific name, family name, distribution and use. The twisting path in the lawn provides a good opportunity for visitors to get close to the plants. Their scientific knowledge can be increased through admiring these vegetations.

How to get to Qingdao Botanical Garden

Take 206, 310, 370 or 604 to Yueyanglu and walk west for 3 minutes to reach the garden.
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Entrance Fee Free
Opening Hours Apr. - Oct.: 8:00 - 17:30
Nov. - Mar.: 8:00 - 17:00
- Last updated on Aug. 10, 2018 -
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