Little Fish Hill Park (Xiaoyushan Park)

Standing facing the sea, the Little Fish Hill Park (Xiaoyushan Park) adds charm to the beautiful Huiquan Bay. Characterized by sea scenery, the unique park is a classical garden-style construction combining the natural beauty, architectural techniques and artistic skills. Located at the junction of Yushan Road and Fushan Road, the park is built on the top of the Little Fish Hill. Relying on the geological advantage, the park commands an excellent view of Qingdao City although the hill is only 60 meters (197 feet) high.

Little Fish Hill Park, Qingdao Little Fish Hill Park, Qingdao

Inside Little Fish Hill Park, a pathway with various flowers and plants growing on both sides leads the way to the top of the hill. Along the hill, there is a hexagonal pavilion with green glazed tiles, Bibo Pavilion, providing a general view of the benign and smiling Huiquan Bay. To its east lies the main building of the park, Lanchao (Watching Tide) Pavilion. The three-storey octagonal Lanchao Pavilion with surrounding barriers has spiral staircases. Walking along the stairway, tourists can appreciate the Number One Bathing Beach, Huiquan Bay, Small Qingdao Island, Zhan Bridge, Lu Xun Park and other spectacular sights. This pavilion is considered to be the best place to have a panoramic view of the city and the seashore. There is a square Yongcui Pavilion lying to the east of the Lanchao Pavilion and it faces a vast maple woodland.

Along the zigzag corridor which connects the Lanchao and Yongcui Pavilions, there is a white alabaster mountain landmark with engraved embossment. The design of the landmark is rather extraordinary since it takes the shape of the hill and is carved into the hieroglyphs of fish. Three delicate frescoes are painted along the corridors; the simple paintings, lifelike figures and profound artistic conception contribute to the cultural atmosphere of Little Fish Hill Park.

The miniature landscape of Qingdao's reputed buildings has been set up in Little Fish Hill Park, and it contains the Governor-General Office, Qingdao Railway Station and the Catholic Church which are reproduced in detailed proportion enabling tourists to view all the prominent buildings of the city in one site.

How to get to Little Fish Hill Park

1. Take Metro Line 3 to Huiquan Guangchang and leave from Exit C, then walk west for 5 minutes to get to the park.
2. Take Bus 220 to Xiaoyushan.
3. Take Sightseeing Bus 11 to Haidi Shijie or Sightseeing Bus 12 to Wenhua Mingren Guju Jingqu, and you will see it.
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Entrance Fee CNY 10
Opening Hours 7:30 - 18:30

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Questions & Answers on Little Fish Hill Park (Xiaoyushan Park)
Asked by Happy from USA | Sep. 05, 2016 01:14Reply
Can I walk from xiaoyushan to ocean university?
How to get from pichaiyuan st to xiaoyushan by public bus?
Answers (1)
Answered by Judie from FRANCE | Sep. 05, 2016 04:32

So you would like to get to the Yushan Campus of the university, right? Well, it is within 300yd from Xiaoyushan. You can surely walk there.

You can walk from Pichaiyuan to Zhongshanlu bus stop and take bus no. 231 (circle line) and get off at Luxun Park. Then walk around 6-8min to Xiaoyushan. The distance between them actually is only 1.5mi, so you may take a taxi instead.
Asked by Happy from USA | Apr. 27, 2016 16:00Reply
Laoshan or Xiaoyushan? Which one you recommend?
I only have 1 day in Qingdao.
which one has better view of the beach and city?
Answers (1)
Answered by Candi from GERMANY | Apr. 29, 2016 01:30

You are advised to go to Laoshan because it has better view. You can see rolling mountains, sparkling rivers, and costal beaches there. Have fun! :)
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