Southern and Shaanxi Great Mosque, Tartar, Qinghai Mosque

Southern Mosque, Urumqi
Southern Mosque, Urumqi

Southern Mosque

Located in the downtown of Urumqi in Xinjiang Province, the Southern Mosque is an important historic heritage site. This center of Moslem worship was built in 1919 and subsequently renovated on three different occasions. Covering an area of about one acre, it accommodates 1,100 Moslems.

The most eye-catching architectural features on the property are found in the minaret; the bathing pool; the guest reception hall and most impressive and exquisite of all, the prayer hall. The roof the prayer hall is covered with a variety of glazed tiles and the ceiling is decorated with colorful patterns of flowers and plants. There are also 22 flying dragons carved on the ridge that add to the building's magnificence. The prayer hall has an inside section that can accommodate about 300 worshippers and an outside with a capacity of 500. The corridor walls separating the two sections are festooned with vividly painted screens of orchids, bamboos and water lilies.

Shaanxi Great Mosque, Urumqi
Shaanxi Great Mosque, Urumqi
 Shaanxi Great Mosque Pictures

Shaanxi Great Mosque

Located in the northern end of Jianzhong Road in Urumqi, Shaanxi Great Mosque is the biggest Islamic mosque in the city. Unlike other Islamic mosque in Urumqi, it was built in Chinese traditional brick and wooden architecture style. First built in the reign of Emperor Guangxu in Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), the mosque can hold a thousand people to pray. The main hall is supported by 40 red wooden pillars. On the archway, there are exquisitely carved the words excerpted from Quran. The architectural style and the delicate carvings here are rare and wonderful.

Tartar Mosque:

The magnificent Tartar Mosque, located at the south end of the Jiefang Road of Urumqi, Xinjiang Uygur Atonomous Region, was built by the local Tartar people in 1897 entirely from donations. It is the center for peaceful Islamic activities in the city. Covering over 3,000 square meters (0.74 acre), the community worship hall alone is over 800 square meters (0.2 acre) and accomodates people by the thousands. As expected, the decor is elaborate with exquisite porches, carvings, and paintings all throughout.

Tartar Mosque is one of the very few mosques open to visitors. All visitors need to gain approval to enter it.

Some Mosque Rules for Visitors:
1. Do not shake hands or touch the heads of the clerics.
2. Keep your voice to a minimal level.
3. Do not wear short pants, short sleeved shirts, or sandals.
Qinghai Mosque in Urumqi
Qinghai Mosque in Urumqi
Qinghai Mosque
Qinghai Mosque

Qinghai Mosque:

Hezhou Mosque in Urumqi
Hezhou Mosque in Urumqi
Located in the southwestern side of the junction of Qinghaisi Lane and the south Heping Road, Qinghai Mosque was originally called Xining Mosque, built from the donation of Qinghai Hui people in 1868. Covering an area of 1,232 square yards, it is a brick and wood structure building which is mainly composed of the main hall and gatehouse. Overhauled in 1918 and 1947, it is endowed with strong Islamic flavor and can hold over   500 people to worship. 


Hezhou Mosque:

Located on the east side in the middle of Jianzhong Road, Hezhou Mosque was first built in the late 19th century and rebuilt in 1988. It is featured with the updated style. The main hall is a brick and wood structure architecture and covers an area of 572 square yards. On the ridge of it stand a glittering green dome, and the four corners of it prick up another four smaller domes. The whole building presents an imposing and solemn atmosphere.

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Asked by india | Jul. 29, 2012 18:35Reply
like to visit urumqi city and which is the neighbour country
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Answered by Michelle | Jul. 29, 2012 20:10

There are eight neighbour countries of Xinjiang, Mongolia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Pakistan, India and Afghanistan.
Asked by lover from ENGLAND | Jun. 22, 2009 10:08Reply
How much is a visit???
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Answered by Mr.cellar from CN | Jun. 23, 2009 04:28

do you mean the cost of Tartar Mosque? The entrance fee is 30 yuan.
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