12 Chinese Diet Tea That Makes You Slim and Fit

12 different Chinese slim tea is targeted to those who are keeping diet, fond of meat and troubled by constipation, edema and etc. They can help you lose weight and keep slim in a relatively easy and healthy way.

This Chinese diet tea is especially suitable for those who keep diet. The insufficiency of food debris brings difficulty of stool expelling. Oolong tea is a pretty good choice to relieve the dry of your inner organs. It can promote digestion, remove sputum, detoxify the harmful substances from food and reduce redundant fat.

Making method: simply soak it in boiled water.

Coix Seed Tea
Coix Seed Tea

2. Coix Seed Tea

There are many reasons for edema, but if the edema is caused by water retention, coix seed tea can be used to recover from that bad condition. It can clear away the extra water in your body and cure edema.

Making method: prepare fried coix seed 10g, fresh lotus leaves 5g, hawthorn 5g and boil water.

3. Lotus Leaves Tea

The bad mood and high work stress may increase the risk of gut sensibility, resulting in constipation. Stress-caused constipation can be relieved by this Chinese slim tea. It also has a great effect on cooling the heat, curing edema, and freshening your mind.

Making method: prepare lotus leaves 3g, fried cassia seeds 6g, rose 3 pieces and soak them with boiled water.

4. Cassia Seed Tea

Constipation that is caused by slow intestinal peristalsis in your weight-loss period can be remised by this Chinese slim tea. In addition, it can clear the liver fire, improve eyesight and relax the bowels.

Making method: soak it with boiled water.

Cassia Seed Tea
Cassia Seed Tea
Barley Malt Tea
Barley Malt Tea

5. Barley Malt Tea

People with flatulence is advised to have barley malt tea because that it can bring you a good appetite, strong spleen and aid in digestion and remove flatulence.

Making method: Put fried barley malt 25g, hawthorn 2.5g and 2-3 rock candies into your cup, pur in boiled water and stay for 2-3 minutes. 

6. Lemon Tea

Lemon tea can be helpful in reducing the redundant fat, removing grease and digestion. It can also aid in whitening your skin and moistening the liver.

Making method: Put 2-3 lemon slices into your cup, pour in warm water, and then add some honey.

Lemon Tea
Lemon Tea
Pu erh Tea
Pu erh Tea

Puerh or Pu’er tea is advised when you are suffering from intestinal impaction that is harmful to the normal running of your inner organs, causing accumulation of fat and sugar and weight increase. Pu’er, this kind of Chinese slim tea to lose weight is the most effective under this situation.

Making method: soak Pu’er with 2-3 chrysanthemum with boiled water.

8. Rose Tea

Keeping diet may do harm to your stomach. Rose tea can create a protective layer on your stomach, promote the circulation of blood, cure bruise and treat the discomfort of spleen and stomach.

Making method: Soak it with warm water.

9. Chrysanthemum Tea

It is a popular Chinese slim tea, helping clear away the inner heat and harmful substances in your body, and achieving the purpose of keeping slim. It is also helpful in detoxifying and lowering blood pressure.

Making method: Just soak it in boiled water.

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10. Dried Orange Peel Tea

If you have eaten a lot of greasy food, drink this Chinese slim tea to lose weight. Dried orange peel tea will be helpful in removing the grease that will become fat in days to come.

Making method: Brew it with boiled water.

Dried Orange Peel Tea
Dried Orange Peel Tea
Hawthorn Tea
Hawthorn Tea

11. Hawthorn Tea

Hawthorn tea is good for overweight that is caused by meat addiction. It is used to remove grease, harmful waste and redundant sputum inside your body.

Making method: Brew it in water.

12. Acid Compound Tea

This is not a single kind of Chinese diet tea, but more likes a prescript containing several materials to remove fat and lower blood pressure. It tastes a little sour, suitable for hot summer days.

Making method: Smash hawthorn 10g, shepherd’ s-purse flowers 10g, corn silk 10g, tea root 10g and boil them. Add some sugar before drinking. 

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