Baicheng Beach

Adjacent to Coastal Road and close to Xiamen University, Baicheng Beach is the nearest beach to the city center of Xiamen and also the most popular beach of Xiamen. It lies between the Yan Wu Bridge and Hu Li Shan Fortress. With beautiful environment and convenient transportation, there are a lot of local citizens and travelers enjoying the fine and soft sand, blue sea, and gentle sea breeze here.

What to Do on Baicheng Beach:

Swimming: Baicheng Beach is one of the popular swimming and paddling places in Xiamen. Especially in summer from July to August, there are so many swimmers enjoy themselves in the sea. You can find a good area to swim at any time of day, as it is less influenced by the tide.

Appreciating sunrise and sunset: Baicheng Beach has different charms in the morning and at night. The beach is very peaceful in the morning with few tourists. It is very romantic to enjoy the beautiful sunrise quietly. The sunset here is more breathtaking than the sunrise. Yan Wu Bridge is a good position to take photos for capturing the beautiful moment. After the sun setting, there are lots of scattered lights, toy vendors and locals singing affectionately, very lively!

Carving Sand: Baicheng Beach is also a good destination for those “artists”, who can creative various animals, castles, and cartoon figures, etc with sand. The “Sand Carving Competition” is held here every year and there will be a lot of people taking part in the competition, including even toddlers and white-haired old people. They build dreaming castles out of sand and carve beautiful fairy tales on their own.

Cycling along the Coastal Road: The coastal road is another excellent entertainment destination. You can rent a solo bicycle, tandem or three-person bicycle to enjoy the sea breeze, appreciate the sea view and experience the spirit of teamwork. Usually, it costs CNY15/hour to rent a solo bike and CNY30/hour to rent a tandem.

Two Giant Reef Rocks: The two reefs, well known to locals, are on the shoreline near the Hu Li Shan Fortress. Below the reefs are huge cays, exposed at low tide and submerged at high tide. The large reefs have become a beautiful scenery often seen on Xiamen postcards. Be aware that the current is strong and there are many small reefs hiding in the water, so don’t swim here.


1. Pay special attention to the time of flowing and ebbing, and reasonably arrange the traveling time to ensure personal safety.
2. Some people who dress up as dolls on the beach may warmly invite you to take a photo together. Please know in advance that it requires a fee.

How to Get to Baicheng Beach:

1. Take bus line 22, 86, 96, and 659 and get off at Hu Li Shan Bus Station or Baicheng Station.
2. Take bus line 2, 48, 87 and get off at Baicheng Station.

Nearby Attractions:

Xiamen University: It’s honored as one of the most beautiful universities in China.
Yanwu Bridge: It’s believed to be the world’s closest bridge to sea level. There is a viewing platform on the bridge, where visitors can enjoy expansive sea view and charming sunrise and sunset. Even the passing boats on the sea can also be a great sight for photography.
Hulishan Fortress: Here you can enjoy many performances and simulation robot command combat and life scenes.

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