6 Best Xiamen Beaches

Xiamen is a coastal city with many beautiful beaches. Seeing the vast sea, strolling on the soft beach and experiencing water sports are the must-do things there. Here is a list of best Xiamen beaches for you.


1. Baicheng Beach

Located to the south of Xiamen University and between the Yan Wu Bridge and Hu Li Shan Fortress, Baicheng Beach is the closest beach to the city center. It’s also the most popular beach in Xiamen with convenient transportation and free entry all day, hence may be crowded with tourists during the peak season in July and August. You can enjoy roaming, playing with soft sand, swimming and watching the sunset here. The coastal road along the beach is another excellent entertainment destination. You can rent a bike to ride along it while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the beach.

Recommended visiting time: 2~3 hours.
How to get there:
1. Take bus line 22, 86, 96, and 659 and get off at Hu Li Shan Bus Station or Baicheng Station.
2. Take bus line 2, 48, 87 and get off at Baicheng Station.

2. Yefengzhai Beach

Located along the Huandao Road, Yefengzhai Beach covers nearly 10,000 square meters (2.5 acres) and is divided into several leisure zones: amusement park, water sports area, food court, and beach. You can swim in the sea, walk or fly a kite on the beach, or have fun in the amusement park where there are Merry-Go-Round, Toss the Turtle, Bumper Car, Pirate Ship… You can also enjoy the beautiful scenery while having a buffet barbecue.

Recommended visiting time: 4 hours after 17:00.
How to get there: take tourist bus line 1 from Hubin South Bus Station or bus line 29, 47, 112, 115, 751 and get off at the Yefengzhai Station.

3. Guanyinshan Beach

Guanyinshan Beach is the largest beach in Xiamen even in Fujian Province. It’s about 3 km (1.9 mi) long, close to Huandao East Road and across the sea from Kinmen. You can have a wide sea view and feel soft sand. Do not miss the Guanyinshan Sand Sculpture Cultural Park, the largest sand sculpture park in China. You can DIY a sand sculpture to your liking. At night the lights in the park are all on and the scenery is very beautiful. In addition, Guanyinshan Beach is the site for Beach Volleyball Competition in every April.

Recommended visiting time: 3 hours.
How to get there: take Huandao Tourist Bus and get off at the Guanyinshan Station and then walk for 5 minutes or bus line 58, 68 and get off at Guanyinshan Business Street Station and walk for 7 minutes.

4. Zhenzhuwan Beach

Zhenzhuwan Beach is located in the south of Xiamen, surrounded by mountains on three sides and faces the sea on one side. It’s very wide with fine sand and open sea view. Few tourists and fine sand will give you a tranquil and comfortable atmosphere. Bicycles for two and three are available here, so that you can enjoy the gentle breeze while riding. If enough lucky, you may witness some new couples taking wedding photos there.

Recommended visiting time: 2 hours.
How to get there: take bus line 29, 47, 751, 857 or Huandao Tourist Bus and get off at the Zhen Zhu Wan Station.

5. Dadeji Beach

Dadeji Beach is the most recommended of the three beaches on Gulangyu Island, the largest island in Xiamen. This tranquil beach has clean sand, blue sea and many strange shaped rocks. On the beach, you can see lush trees, tall buildings, Yan Wu Bridge and lifelike Lion Rock. The highlight here is that the rocks appear to be charming red in the setting sun when emerging out of the water at low tide in the afternoon. Furthermore, there are fewer tourists, so you can enjoy a quiet and leisurely time on Da De Ji Beach. If interested, you can visit some other spots on Gulangyu Island, such as Memorial Hall of Zheng Chenggong and Undersea World.

Recommended visiting time: 1~3 hours.
How to get there: take the ferry to Gulangyu and get off at Piano Pier Station and then walk for 10 minutes.


6. Huangcuo Beach

Huangcuo Beach is the most natural and cleanest beach on the Huandao Road. The beach is very open with just a few tourists. Besides the peaceful sea view, you can appreciate Xiamen University and Hu Li Shan Fortress in the distance. It’s also a perfect place to take pictures of stunning sunrise and sunset. In addition, riding a bike along the beach and enjoying the gentle sea breeze are also good choices.

Recommended visiting time: 2 hours.
How to get there: take bus line 18, 29, 316, 751 and get off at Huangcuo Station.
- Last updated on Oct. 18, 2019 -
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