Fuzhou Travel Guide

Fuzhou Facts

Chinese Name: 抚州 (fǔ zhōu)
Population: 4,736,000
Area: 18,800 square kilometers (7,259 square miles)
Location: in the east of Jiangxi Province, east of China
Administrative Division: 2 districts (Linchuan, Dongxiang); 9 counties (Nancheng, Lichuan, Nanfeng, Chongren, Le'an, Yihuang, Jinxi, Zixi, Guangchang)
Area Code: 0519
Zip Code: 213000
GDP (2019): CNY 740.09 billion (USD 107.27 billion)

Hometown of Tang Xianzu – Shakespeare of China

Fuzhou is in the eastern region of Jiangxi Province, bordering Nanchang, Yingtan and Shangrao to the north, Ganzhou to the south and neighboring Ji'an and Yichun to the west. Known as the hometown of talented people, the city has bred a large number of cultural celebrities with a profound influence on Chinese history and culture. Tang Xianzu, a famous dramatist in the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644) known as Oriental Shakespeare, was born here. Peony Pavilion is his masterpiece which features complicated plots and vivid characters has been performing and gained fame abroad. You can learn more about the person by visiting Tang Xianzu Memorial Hall.

Many ancient villages and ancient buildings are also well preserved in this city. Visitors can experience local culture and customs and appreciate traditional residences in Wenchangli, a historical and cultural block. Many forest parks and natural reserves also provide good places for tourists to look far and get close to nature.

Fuzhou Attractions - Things to Do

Wenchangli, located in the northeast of central Fuzhou, is the largest and most complete historical and cultural block in Jiangxi. There are many old streets and ancient buildings of the Ming and Qing Dynasties as well as an opera museum. Traditional handicraft shops including iron shops, bamboo shops, wood shops, carving shops, mounting shops are all over the block. What's more amazing is that you can also see a Catholic Cathedral here.

  Fuzhou Catholic Cathedral is seated in Lingshan Lu of Linchuan District, which was first built in 1908. Covering a floor area of 2,109 square meters (about 12 acres), this Gothic building group is the third largest Catholic Church extant in China. 

 Junfeng Mountain lies 30 kilometers (19 miles) distant from Nanfeng County with its main peak being the highest among peaks in eastern Jiangxi. 

Other Scenic Spots: Longfeng Rock, Baima Temple, Cuiyun Mountain

How to get to Fuzhou in Jiangxi Province

Fuzhou is about 90 kilometers (56 miles) from Nanchang and no more than 100 kilometers (62 miles) from Nanchang Changbei International Airport. Its Railway Station is located in Fubei Lu, 6 kilometers (3.7 miles) from downtown, and Yintan-Xiamen, Zhejiang-Jiangxi railways, and the Xiangle Railway in northern Jiangxi pass through the city.

Additionally, Fuzhou-Shanghai section of the Shanghai-Ruili Expressway has been opened. Only five hours are needed to travel from one to the other by bus. Furthermore, Beijing-Fuzhou and Nanchang-Xiamen expressways, No.320, 316 and 206 national highways all run through the region. The long-distance bus station is at 296, Huancheng Nan Lu.


Located in subtropical monsoon climatic zone bearing humid and moderate climate, Fuzhou has clear four seasons and abundant rainfall. The annual average temperature maintains around 16.9-18.2°C (62.4-64.8°F). April to June is the rainy season.

 When to Go: spring, summer and autumn  

Fuzhou Travel Tips

 History: The city belonged to Shu State before it was brought into Jiujiang Shire in the Qin Dynasty (221BC-206BC). It was in the Sui Dynasty (581-618) that the name of Fuzhou was first used for the establishment of the prefecture.

 Physical Features: Fuzhou City is surrounded by mountains in the east, south and west; and has hills, rivers valleys and basins spaced in the central region of the city. Hill and mountain make up the main components of the city's landform. The terrain generally slopes downward from the south to the north.

 Special Local Products: honey orange, white lotus seed, watermelon

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Questions & Answers on Fuzhou Travel
Asked by Sophia from GREECE | Jun. 23, 2019 04:22Reply
Is there a Greek Orthodox Church in Fuzhou?
Answers (1)
Answered by Molly from NETHERLANDS | Jun. 24, 2019 00:53

I haven't found any about that yet.
Asked by Thomas from AUSTRALIA | Jun. 22, 2019 17:30Reply
What is the best way to travel from Fuzhou to Yihuang and how much does it cost?
Answers (5)
Answered by Jesse from AUSTRALIA | Jun. 24, 2019 02:32

You can take bus from FZ Long Distance Bus Station at 14:30 and 17:30 to Yihuang. It takes about CNY10-20 and the duration is about 1.5 hours.
Answered by Thomas from AUSTRALIA | Jun. 24, 2019 16:21

Thank you very much Jesse. I'd like to visit a village near Yihuang called Foling. Looks like an overnight stay will be required if the bus only runs in the afternoon. I can't find any other hotels except Yihuang International which had a poor review. Do you know of any other reasonable lodgings? Thanks again :)
Answered by Jesse | Jun. 24, 2019 23:27

I'm sorry but I haven't found any other hotels which can receive foreigners.
Answered by Thomas from AUSTRALIA | Jun. 25, 2019 15:08

OK Thanks Jesse..
Answered by Anna from CHINA | Nov. 05, 2019 10:57

Hi, Thomas! Are you still staying at Fuzhou and would like to visit the village?
Asked by Sophia from GREECE | Jun. 19, 2019 22:06Reply
Is there a Victoria's Secret store in Fuzhou?
Answers (1)
Answered by Anna from USA | Jun. 20, 2019 00:25

Yes, it opens a new store in ThaiHot Plaza at No.6 Zhuyu Road, Yuefeng Town, Jin'an District.
Asked by Nico from FRANCE | May. 27, 2014 09:47Reply
Is the air quality good in Fuzhou?
Answers (1)
Answered by Nicole from AUSTRALIA | May. 27, 2014 22:06

It is relatively good and the AQI is 75 in average!
Asked by tran anh kiet from VIET NAM | Oct. 28, 2012 00:29Reply
are there any long distance bus from fuzhou to guangzhou
Answers (3)
Answered by Juliat | Oct. 28, 2012 02:11

Absolutely. You can go to the North Bus Station to take a direct long-distance bus to Guangzhou. The buses are in operation from 08:00 to 20:20.
Answered by fani from FUJIAN | Mar. 30, 2019 20:37

how much the tickets?
Answered by Juliat | Mar. 31, 2019 20:55

As I know, the ticket fare is CNY280/person.
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