Jinan Festivals

In common with those elsewhere in the country, Jinan people celebrate all national festivals, as well as some large festivals that are specific to Jinan, such as the International Martial Arts Festival and the Temple Fair on Qianfo Mountain.

International Martial Arts Festival

It is held in either August or September every year. Martial arts enthusiasts and supporters from all over the world converge at Jinan to practice their skills and exchange views on martial arts.

Temple Fair

It is celebrated on Qianfo Mountain. On every ninth day of the ninth Chinese lunar calendar, Jinan people will climb the Qianfo Mountain (the Thousand Buddha Mountain) and enjoy the flourishing chrysanthemums on it. The areas around the Qianfo Mountain are rich in persimmons and during the fair people like to buy them. Hence the temple fair has also been named the Persimmon Fair.

Lotus Festival

It is celebrated twice each year by local people. The first time is on June 24th of the Lunar Calendar. In folklore, this day is Lotus' birthday. On this day, many newly-married couples as well as a lot of mid-aged couples with their kids come to the Daminghu Lake to see the lotuses. In June, lotuses bloom and cover a large area of the Daminghu Lake. Some of the visitors view lotus along the lake and some of them boat in the lake to see. The second time is on July 30th of the Lunar Calendar. This day is busy, too. Most of the visitors are old ladies and kids and some of them are from the suburbs.

Jinan Spring Culture Week

Each year, Jinan celebrates Spring Culture Week at Quancheng Square and Daminghu Lake in September. At Quancheng Square, there will be a big artistic evening. And at Daminghu Lake, there are races of swimming, running and riding bicycles.

Peach Blossom Tourism Festival

It is held at Quancheng Square in April of each year. During the happy event, there are many activities provided for visitors, including peach blossom enjoying, artistic performances, tourist goods exhibition, and painting and calligraphy exhibition and so on.

Pingyin Rose Arts Festival

Annually, the Rose Art Festival is held in May in Pingyin, Jinan. During the happy event, Pingyin provides a commodity fair of rose and the related artistic activities. Pingyin is prolific in the production of roses. In May, rose blooms beautifully. Many lovers would like to go to Pingyin in this period.

Red Leaves Festival

Each year, the Red Leaves Valley celebrates the Red Leaves Festival from October 12th to November 12th. During this time, the maple trees in the valley are the most charming autumn scenery. You can go to the valley by bus. The Buses No.65 and 29 can take you to get there.

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Questions & Answers on Festivals in Jinan
Asked by onboardagain | Aug. 11, 2014 10:51Reply
Is Jinan Qianfo Mountain like Mt. Tai? For hiking, etc...
Answers (1)
Answered by Judy from PALESTINE | Aug. 11, 2014 20:42

Qianfo Mountain is much lower, and it is mainly famous for its culture. Taishan Moutain is better for hiking.
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