Dali Shopping

Compressed tea
Tuo Cha
The ideal location for shopping in Dali must be Foreigner Street in the Ancient City of Dali. This street exhibits an abundance of local specialties. In the dwelling area of the Bai minority group, characteristic handicraft articles of the Bai people can be purchased. Furthermore, supermarkets and shopping malls can also meet visitors' daily necessities.

What to buy

Dali Snow Pear
Owing to the climate and the soil condition of Dali, the pears which grow here are much sweeter in flavor, and have thinner skins and more tender flesh. The main growing area for Dali snow pears is on the eastern side of Erhai Lake. Every August and September in the harvest season, people come from all around to Erhai Lake to pick pears and celebrate the harvest.

Engraved Green Plum
A traditional food of the Bai people is made from dried green plums. These are engraved with various patterns and designs. The fruit can be eaten after months spent soaking in pickling juice made from salt, brown sugar and honey. Having the dual effects of promoting the production of bodily fluids and relieving thirst, as well as displaying artistry, the engraved green plum fruit is both a popular food and a delicate work of art.

Tie-dyeing bags
Handmade tie-dyeing souvenir

The Compressed Tea (Tuo Cha) of Xia Guan
Due to its resemblance to the shape of a fungus, the compressed tea of Xia Guan is called 'Tuo Cha'. It enjoys an excellent reputation for its fragrance and cleansing effects. Xiaguan can promote health by refreshing both body and mind and is also an excellent method used for weight-loss. 

The tie-dye of the Bai Minority is usually made by stitching patterns on cotton cloth and impregnating them in plant dye. Traditional dyed fabrics have white patterns on a background of indigo and are used for tablecloths, door curtains, hats, clothes, and scarves as well as other items. In Zhoucheng Village, there are many family workshops which make dyed fabrics. Visitors can take minibuses and carriages to the village.

A handcraft shop in the Foreigner Street
Wood engraving store
Besides the preserved fruits of Yunxing County, the Wood Carvings of Jianchuan County and the marble handicrafts of the Cangshan Mountain are all the local foods and souvenirs which display the best of the local flavor.

Where to buy

Sifangjie (Square Street) Supermarket
Address: No.13, West Street, Xiaguan
No.342, Fuxing Road, Dali Ancient City
No.43-46, Zhenxing Street, Xiaguan

Minsheng Shopping Market
Address: Guangfa Mansion, Central Jianshe Road, Xiaguan

Department Stores
Zhengyang Department Store
July 11, 2008 Bus: 10

Street in Dali Old City
Foreigner's Street

Jianshe Department Store
Address: No.1, East Jianshe Road, Xiaguan
Bus: 8, 9, 12, 17

Wholesale Market
Visitors can find bazaars in Xingsheng Road and Fuxing Road in the city, where small commodities can be found easily. The No.6 city bus passes the vegetable wholesale market.
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Questions & Answers on Shopping in Dali
Asked by Mr.Tourist from USA | Mar. 29, 2011 14:25Reply
Dear Sir/Madam:
Please tell where is the bargainning shopping for clothings and shoe near Asia Star Hotel. How many minutes for taxi to get there and how much it cost? I appreciate your response.

Answers (1)
Answered by Ms.Lisa | Mar. 29, 2011 20:58

Ziyun Clothing Market is a famous shopping place for bargaining clothing and shoes in Dali, but it is not near to the hotel. It is about 13km by road from the hotel. If you catch a taxi, the taxi fare would be around CNY20. It takes about 20 minutes.
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