Dali Weather

Dali Weather

Without a clear distinction between the four seasons, Dali weather varies but with an annual mean temperature ranging from 12°C (54°F) to 19°C (66°F) there are no extremes. The rainy season begins in late May and lasts till September. The warmest days are in June with an average temperature of 22°C (72°F), while December has the coolest at around of 8°C (46°F).

Erhai, DaliBest Time to Visit Dali

There are local songs claiming that 'the scenery of Dali in March is good', so spring is, of course, the best season to visit Dali Old Town, climb Mt. Cangshan or tour Erhai Lake. Moreover, if you pay a visit to Dali in April, you could get the chance to participate in the Third Month Fair of Bai Ethnic Group, also well-known as the Kwan-yin Fair, which is one of the most important traditional festivals in Dali celebrated on March 3rd of Chinese lunar calendar.

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High/Low Temperatures of Dali
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Average Temperatures of Dali
Average Temperatures Graph for Dali
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Dali Climate - Seasons & Travel Advice

Famous as the 'Oriental Switzerland', Dali has around 126 days in the year with temperatures around 18-21°C (54-66°F) which is the most appropriate temperature for taking a break. In addition, it enjoys abundant sunshine which is most welcome during the winter months thanks to its high altitude. In other words, this is a year-round travel destination, with colorful flowers blossoming everywhere.

Spring (March - May)

The Dali weather in spring still remains a little cold and dry, but the temperature is on the rise with sharp declination at night. To travel to Dali in spring, you need to pack blouses, shirts or hoodie for warm daytime, and add a sweater or jacket for cold night. Rain gear is also advisable in May when it occasionally rains. Besides, when Dali in spring is mentioned, naturally, the blossoming of flowers comes into mind.

Summer (June - August)

Compared with other tour destinations in summer, the weather in Dali is much more suitable for outdoor activities, not too hot during the day and cool at night. However, summer brings the rainy season to Dali, which means you need to have rain gear ready for frequent but not long-lasting rainfall. Pay close attention to strong UV rays and take sunscreen cream for skin care.

Autumn (September - November)

Dali's temperature in autumn is lower than that of summer, but it is still warm and mild by day but cold at night. Rainy days come to an end in autumn; so most of the time, it's sunny. When it occasionally rains, the temperature will drop sharply to new low. Warmer clothing like a sweater and jacket is required during this period.

Winter (December - February)

Although the annual temperature range is not great, daily fluctuations are significant in winter. There may be strong winds at times. There are over 10 days in December, January and February with winds above force 8. 'Xiaguan Wind' is an unusual experience here. Should you decide to go there around the Chinese New Year, remember to equip yourself for both wind and rain.

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Questions & Answers on Dali Weather
Asked by Janhawi from NEPALJ | Feb. 24, 2019 08:15Reply
Does it snow in Dali?
Answers (1)
Answered by Chasidy from UNITED KINGDOM | Feb. 26, 2019 00:24

According to the previous weather statistics, it may snow in December and January.
Asked by Michelle from CANADA | Jun. 07, 2018 05:03Reply
How bad is the rainy season of Dali in August? Will it be unlikely we will see the mountains
due to rain and clouds? Will it make travel not very pleasant?
Answers (1)
Answered by Fanny from FRANCE | Jun. 10, 2018 22:44

Yes, it definitely will.
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