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Taiyuan has a warm temperate continental monsoon climate with an average annual temperature of 9.3C (48.7F). It has sufficient sunshine but little rainfall.

Taiyuan Seasons & Travel Advice

Taiyuan WeatherThe temperature in spring (March to May) increases rapidly. Spring here often comes with strong sunlight and heavy wind. The wind is troublesome, because it carries black dust. If you come to Taiyuan in spring or summer, sunglasses, sun block and a sunhat are necessities. Those who wear contact lenses should be very careful with the wind.

Summer weather of Taiyuan is hot and rainy with high humidity. The average temperature is about 23C (73F) and the mean rainfall is 250-280 millimeters, mainly concentrated in late July and August. The temperature in autumn (September to November) falls quickly and the average is 8C (46F)-10C (50F). The fair weather in this season makes it the best season for traveling. The Shanxi Taiyuan International Folk Art Festival will be held in September, in which numerous performances from different places in the world will be on show. The climate of winter, averaging a temperature of -7C (44.5F), is always cold and dry. Warm clothes should be prepared for traveling in this season.

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Averages for Taiyuan Weather

High/Low Temperatures of Taiyuan
Average High/Low Temperatures Graph for Taiyuan
Average Temperatures of Taiyuan
Average Temperatures Graph for Taiyuan
Humidity Graph of Taiyuan
Average Humidity Graph for Taiyuan
Average Rainfall of Taiyuan
Average Rainfall Graph for Taiyuan
Air Quality of Taiyuan
Average AQI(Air Quality Index) Graph for Taiyuan
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Questions & Answers on Taiyuan Weather
Asked by winnie from MALAYSIA | Jul. 09, 2023 15:57Reply
Shanxi weather first half of September
I am travelling from Beijing to MT Hua stop along the way and then northward back to Beijing in first half of September. Clothing advise .
Answers (1)
Answered by Lisa | Jul. 10, 2023 02:03

It will not be that hot in the first half of September. Prepare short-sleeve t-shirt and a thin overcoat for early mornings and late nights for sunny days. If it rains, you need to add more even in the day.
Asked by Salman from PAKISTAN | Sep. 15, 2016 18:08Reply
I'll be travelling to Taiyuan city in October can you please tell me about the weather in October.
Answers (1)
Answered by Rita from GERMANY | Sep. 15, 2016 21:42

The temperature may range from 40 F to 60 F during that month. It may a little bit cold. You are suggested to prepare some sweaters, pants, overcoats in order to adapt large temperature difference between day and night. :)
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