Hainan Area Code & Zip Code

City Area Code District / County Zip Code
Haikou 898 Xiuying District 570100
Meilan District 570100
Longhua District 570100
Qiongshan District 571100
Sanya 898 Wuzhishan City 572200
Wenchang City 571300
Ding'an County 571200
Lingao County 571800
Ledong Li
Autonomous County
Qiongzhong Li and Miao
Autonomous County
Qionghai City 571400
Wanning City 571500
Tunchang County 571600
Baisha Li
Autonomous County
Lingshui Li
Autonomous County
Danzhou City 571700
Dongfang City 572600
Chengmai County 571900
Changjiang Li
Autonomous County
Baoting Li and Miao
Autonomous County
Sansha 898 Xisha Islands
(Paracel Islands)
Zhongsha Islands
(Macclesfield Bank)
Nansha Islands
(Spratly Islands)

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 Selected Questions and Answers:

 Asked by Mr.jiimaa(Malaysia)
is any college or university's loacated in Hainan Sanya?
from Haikou to Sanya how far is it?
how about cab fee?
and i wanna rent 2 ned room apartment. it will cost???
plz help me. 

  Answered by Mr.Jason
Sanyan college of Hainan University and Broadcast Television University. Not well-known.
Sanya-Haikou: 270km via the East Expressway Route, 3.5 hours by bus
By taxi: about 450 yuan

  Asked by Mr.Cheng(Malaysia )
I am visiting a place in Sanya which is called “110” Agricultural Technical Services of Hainan Province” where visitors are introduced to the herbs/medicinal plants growing in their compound. Is there an entrance fee to this place, and how much would be cost per person. Thanks.

 Answered by Mr.Shan
I know a popular traveling place called Binlang Village has 110 Agricultural Technical Services, located in Fenghuang Town, just about 10 minutes away from downtown Sanya by bus. It is free for travellers to visit.

  Asked by Ms.mons (USA)
What’s the best and cheapest place to buy pearls in canya please ? and how much i pay for silver pearl ring .?..what we call the best quality of pearls?

 Answered by Mr.Jerry
There are many shops at the croass area of Jiefang Road and Yuejin Road. Pearls are cheap here. Do not buy any expensive pearl in those small shops, unless in NG Pearl shop, Heren Pearl or other reliable shops. Pearl powder is less than 10 yuan. If no special pearl, you can buy a ring at the price of 300yuan (not PT ring).

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Questions & Answers on Hainan Area & Zip Code
Asked by Isaac from KENYA | Aug. 17, 2023 21:58Reply
Which county is Hainan University
How far is Hainan university from the nearest county
Answers (1)
Answered by Flora | Aug. 18, 2023 01:06

I'm sorry but the university has 4 campuses so please be more specific about it.
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