Best Time to Visit Hainan

From November to April of the next year, it’s the best time to visit Hainan. Located in the southernmost part of China, it’s not too hot, but warm during the time period with less rainfall. Besides, as other regions in China steps into the cold winter, Hainan becomes a sought after winter resort nationwide, especially December to February.
Best Time to Visit Hainan

Peak Season: November to April

November to April is the mild and relatively dry period in Hainan, not too hot. What’s more, it’s the bitter cold winter in many parts of China, so many people go there in these months to escape the coldness and seek for a warm winter holiday. It’s perfect to enjoy the sunshine and do water sports on beaches with summer wears, and explore the jungles and tropical mountains. However, although it is the best time to visit Hainan Island, the increasing travel demands lead to the higher travel cost in accommodation, traffic, etc.

Slack Season: May to October

During the time from May to October, the temperature in Hainan Island is too hot to go on tours outdoors. And it’s in the rain season, so the weather is quite humid. What’s more, the typhoons hit it in September and October. Due to all these reasons, this period is the slack season of Hainan tourism, going with the lower prices on tickets and hotels, etc.

Times to Avoid Travel

The first period should be avoided for travelling to Hainan, is undoubtedly the holiday of Chinese New Year. The festival holiday is long and falls in the peak season, so people keep flowing into Hainan. And this leads the island to be overcrowded and the transport tickets expensive and hard to get. So it can NOT be counted as the best time to go to Hainan. Other Chinese public holidays like May Day, Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day in early October, should also be avoided for the similar conditions. Besides, the landing time of typhoons should be avoided as well in your Hainan tour plans.

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Travel to Hainan in the Four Seasons

The four seasons in Hainan is NOT as distinct as those in other regions in China, for the tropical weather there is always warm or hot. However, the rain season and dry season are pretty distinct.

Spring: March to April

The weather is sunny and warm, not too hot yet, which is suitable for travelling. So as for Hainan, best time to visit must include spring, especially the early and middle spring.
Average temperature: 18 – 24℃ (64 – 75℉)
Clothes: T-shirts, lined jackets, lined dress, sunglasses…

Recommended tour destinations: Spring is a mild season that the most of attractions in Hainan can be visited. The historical sites like Temple of Five Lords and Tomb of Hai Rui in Haikou, and scenic spots like parks and botanical gardens, are worth a visit. The latter are more popular. Nanshan Culture Tourism Zone, Orchid World Park, Tianya Haijiao, Luhuitou Peninsula... in Sanya, and Haikou Dongzhai Port Nature Reserve, Wuzhi Mountain, etc. are recommended. In spring, you can also have a good time on beaches like Dadonghai and Sanya Bay.

Summer: May to September

The summer in Hainan is hot and humid with high temperature and large amounts of rainfalls. The highest temperature on record is 39℃ (102℉). The typhoons occurs often in the late summer.
Average temperature: 26 – 33℃ (79 – 91℉)
Clothes: T-shirts, shorts, skirts, sandals, sunglasses…

Recommended tour destinations: As Hainan summer is hot, you may play water at Yalong Bay, Wuzhizhou Island, Boundary Island and Nanshan Culture Tourism Zone, or escape the heat in cooler mountains like Wuzhi Mountain. Water parks are also great choices in the city, such as Aquaventure Waterpark at Atlantis Sanya. Don’t stay under the sun for long time, otherwise you might have sunstroke.

Autumn: October to November

Although the autumn is a little milder than the summer, it’s still hot with more frequent typhoons.
Average temperature: 20 – 30℃ (68 – 86℉)
Clothes: T-shirts, short sleeves, sun-proof clothes…

Recommended tour destinations: Up to the late autumn, the rain and typhoon season ends. Thus you can enjoy the beautiful sunrise and sunset on Fenghuang Ridge, go diving with your family to Wuzhizhou Island, follow the Mid-Autumn custom to appreciate the moon at Luhuitou Peninsula, go cycling along Sanya Bay, enjoy the red maples on Wuzhi Mountain, witness the happiness on Wedding Celebration Festival in Tianya Haijiao...

Winter: December to February – BEST Time to Visit Hainan

The winter is warm rather than cold in Hainan, with no snow all the time. The rainfall decreases, and the sunny dry season comes.
Average temperature: 24 – 28℃ (75 – 82℉)
Clothes: long sleeved shirts, thin sweaters, lined overcoats…

Recommended tour destinations: The best months to visit Hainan Island are always winter months. Yalong Bay, Luhuitou Peninsula, Dadonghai Beach, Tianya Haijiao, Dongtian Park, etc. are the top attractions. During the Chinese New Year, you may experience the local customs and stroll around the temple fairs. The folk activities of local ethnic groups are also interesting.

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