Top 10 Things to Do in Hainan

Hainan Island lies in the south end of China, abundant in beaches, offshore islands, marine entertainment and tropical scenery. Capital city Haikou and Sanya city are the most popular destinations. Below are the top 10 things to do in Hainan for your reference.


Wuzhizhou Island

The first thing to do in Hainan is to visit Wuzhizhou Island. This island is 30km (18.6mi) north of downtown Sanya and hailed as ‘Maldives of China’. The belt-shaped white beach encircles the west and the north of Wuzhizhou Island. Endowed with soft sand and crystal-clear water, this island has become a reputable diving base, also providing other water entertainment like motorboat, banana boat, parasailing and surfing. Beneath the sea surface is a mysterious underwater world containing corals, mackerels, sea urchins, luminous spirals and other colorful tropical fish. Moreover, tourists can mount the Guanriyan Cliff in the southeast island and oversee the South China Sea glistening in the crimson sunrise. Villas, bars and restaurants cater for every tourist.

Yalong Bay

Acclaimed as ‘Oriental Hawaii’, Yalong Bay is a coastal resort situated in the east Sanya city. It has the crescent-like coastline of 7km (4.3mi) covered by silver white sands. Yalong Bay has the largest soft coral community in the world, together with other variable-toned stony corals and tropical shoals. Thus, a submarine tour is absolutely worth trying. Not to mention the diving scooter, banana boats, beach bathing place, and so on! Yalong Bay Forest Park is also a must. This park has an area of 1,506 ha (5.8 sq. mi) and is famous for tropical evergreen rainforest as well as the tropical semi-deciduous monsoon forest. Tourists will be impressed with the rolling hills, grotesque rocks, majestic crags and babbling creeks in the park.

Boundary Island

Boundary Island is to the southeast of Hainan Island. ‘Boundary’ originates from the island’s role serving as a geographic dividing line between the north and south Hainan Island. With smooth sand and clear sea water, Boundary Island is great for sea fishing, parasailing, underwater roaming and other marine entertainment. Moreover, the waterpark, rare plants and animals and over 10 log-made villas can ensure your quality time with families. Other famous attractions are Dadongtian Cave, which stands out for the aged banyan with twisted roots and gnarled branches, and Qiantu Wuliang Road, which means that once you walk through it, you can earn a fortune.

Leiqiong Global Geopark

In Haikou Leiqiong Global Geopark, tourists can appreciate the most well-preserved volcano cluster and the most complete extinct volcano worldwide. There are 101 volcanos in total formed through the eruption of Qiongbei Volcano in ancient times. Sea-washed cliffs, caves and submarine platforms are displayed through 30 lava tunnels. The highest peak here is also the highest point in Haikou. Climbing up to it, you can enjoy a bird’s eye view of the whole city. Also, don’t forget to appreciate the majesty of Longmen Waterfall of 130m (426.5 ft.) long and 18m (60 ft.) high.

Hainan Loop High Speed Railway  

There are several reasons that Hainan Loop High Speed Railway is listed as one of the top things to do in Hainan. Firstly, it is world’s first high speed railway encircling the entire island. With a length of 653km (405.7mi), it links not only Haikou and Sanya, but also all the famous scenic spots and important cities on the island. Secondly, tourists can travel around the Hainan Island in less than 5 hours by it. Last but not least, many sections of the railway undulate along the coastlines, so passengers are able to feast their eyes on the dazzling natural palette integrating blue ocean, white cloud and green vegetation.  
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Nanwan Monkey Island

Nanwan Monkey Island is a peninsula. It covers an area of 10.2 sq. km (3.9 sq. mi) and is the only insular natural reserve for monkeys in the world. Nanwan Monkey Island accommodates over 2,000 monkeys of 29 species. Tourists can take photos with monkeys and feed them with peanuts. However, remember to zip your bags when you have nothing to feed, because these naughty monkeys may jump on your shoulder and pester you for goodies. Nimble monkeys will bring tourists the performances of wire walking, stilt walking and ring hoisting. Another highlight of this island is the ropeway of 2,138m (2338yd) long, from which jade sea and white beach can be happily viewed.

Tianya Haijiao 

Tianya Haijiao sightseeing area is 23km (14.3 mi) southwest of downtown Sanya. It is famous for a large number of engraved rocks on the beach. The most impressive one goes to Tianya Rock, which has the height of 10.8m (35.4 ft.) and the perimeter of 66m (216.5 ft.). Tianya Haijiao literally means the extremity of sky and sea. Together with other inscriptions like Ri (sun) and Yue (moon), it is now the emblem of forever love and friendship. Thus visiting here can be the most romantic thing to do in Hainan with your beloved person or company. Another attraction worth visiting is called Magnolia in Bud. This is an oval granite splintering into several ‘petals’ because of gravity, marine erosion and weathering.

West Island

West Island, also named Daimao Island, is 8 nautical miles southwest of Hainan Island and covers an area of 2.86 (1.1 sq. mi). Compared with other islands in Hainan, this island is not that crowded, but still rich in water entertainments like diving, marine sports, parasailing, sea fishing and beach relaxing. The tropical vegetation and creatures are also worth visiting.

Hainanese Chicken Rice  

Chicken Rice is a traditional staple in Hainan area. Among the various versions, Wenchang Chicken Rice is considered to be the most authentic one. The local sliced boiled chicken, along with the fragrant rice steamed with chicken fat and soup, will definitely arouse your appetite. Dipping sauce plays another indispensable role. This sauce is made up of minced garlic, chopped ginger, sesame oil and parsley brewed by the boiling chicken soup, with several drops of lime juice. No one can resist this delicacy!

Seafood Feast 

Encircled by the vast sea, Hainan is rich in seafood and enjoying a sea food feast is another top thing to do in Hainan. Steamed Hele Crab features with the mellow and rich crab roe. Decocted mackerel with fat flesh and less fish bones caters to kids and senior people. The fragrance of iced oysters will be intensified by the lemon juice. Not to mention the steamed sea urchins which perfectly preserve the original taste of seafood. Buying seafood in the local market is a cheaper way. Just pay the restaurant some processing fee and you can enjoy your tailor-made seafood feast.

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