Hainan Pictures

Hainan is the insular province in south China. Similar to Prince Edward Island in Canada, it is the smallest and most scenic one of the country's provinces. Its natural beauty attracts visitors from around the world. People call it "the Oriental Hawaii" and that is resoundingly true. Detailed information about Hainan Travel Guide

Haikou (9)

Located at the north end of the Hainan Island, South to the Qiongzhou Straits, Haikou City, capital of Hainan Province, is the largest economic zone in China. It is also the tourism city after the opening-up of China and an important port for foreign trade. It warmly welcomes visitors to enjoy its seaside beauty and other natural landscape.

Sanya (81)

Sanya City possesses the five key elements of tourism: plenty of sunshine, blue sea, beaches, green plants and fresh air. In Sanya, we have attractions that will make you linger instead of returning home.

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