Luhuitou (literally'a deer looking back') Peninsula

The statue of Deer Turning Head
The statue of Deer Turning Head
About 5 km (3 miles) south of Sanya City in Hainan Province lies the Luhuitou Hill extending in the shape of an enthralling deer looking back. This hill is very same with the one mentioned in the legend of the Li Minority Group.

Legend of Luhuitou Peninsula

There once lived a diligent and brave hunter in the Wuzhi Mountain area so the legend goes. This young man came across a charming deer one day while out hunting in the mountain. He chased the deer for about nine days and nights, traversing numerous hills and dales. Having reached the Luhuitou cliff edge, there was no way (where) for the deer to escape except into the churning sea below. Just as the hunter was about to shoot the deer with an arrow, it miraculously transformed into a beautiful and enchanting girl. Surprisingly, the deer was originally a fairy girl and was fond of the excellent character of the young man. She took a fancy to the seaside around Sanya and led the man here in the guise of a deer. They fell in love, got married and later settled in a village here. Hence the hill, the peninsula and the village are all named Luhuitou. Sanya City is also referred to as 'Deer City'.

Luhuitou Hill

Luhuitou Hill, at an altitude of about 280 meters (918 feet), is the main peak of Luhuitou Peninsula. It's a pleasant place to appreciate the sunrise and sunset, and overlook the downtown area of Sanya City. At the foot of the hill, you can see various kinds of halobios, including starfish, crabs, sea cucumbers, actiniae and jellyfish. Up along the hill, a kind of red flower called Triangle Plum will come into view. It's the City Flower of Sanya. Halfway up the hill, a tuft of Triangle Plum, descending like a waterfall, is a really amazing sight. Not far from the flower and at the foot of an old tree stands a tablet inscribed with the red Chinese characters 'Hai Shi Shan Meng' (a solemn pledge of love). On the branches of the old tree are hanging many ribbons indicating the permanent love of peoples prayers. Walking along, you will see a pavilion called Shanmeng (unalterable love) Pavilion containing the Shanmeng Tablet, which corresponds to the four characters mentioned before. At the top of the hill, towers a twelve-meter (39 feet) high granite statue. The statue is really unique in its design; consisting of a deer looking back, flanked by the young Li hunter and the beautiful fairy girl, it's a visual reminder of the memorable legend.
Beautiful beach
Beautiful beach
At the beach
At the beach

Luhuitou Park

The area around the statue has been turned into a park, called Luhuitou Park. The park contains the Observation Station for Halley's Comet, the white Tingchao Pavilion (a pavilion for listening to the tide), the romantic Lover Island and Monkey Hill among other attractions.

Luhuitou Peninsula is not only a romantic peninsula, but also a lush, natural environment covered with deciduous trees and plants. It is the ideal place to spend a winter holiday in China.

How to get to Luhuitou Peninsula

1. Take bus 26 to Luhuitou Gongyuan (Luhuitou Peninsula) station.
2. Take bus 54, 55 or tourist bus to Luhuitou Fengjingqu (Luhuitou Peninsula Scenic Area) station.
Ticket Fare CNY 35 for entrance;
CNY 15 for the round-trip tourist bus.
Opening Hours 7:30 - 21:00

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