Haitang Bay

Haitang Bay is located on the northeast coast of Sanya city, Hainan Province, 28 kilometers (17.4 miles) away from the downtown area of Sanya, and adjacent to the Yalong Bay Tourism Resort to the south. It ranks with Yalong Bay, Dadonghai Bay, Sanya Bay and Yazhou Bay as the Five Famous Bays in Sanya. Compared with busy Yalong Bay, Haitang Bay is less crowded, and visitors can enjoy the pristine tropical landscape along the 19-kilometer (11.8 mi) coastline.

Haitang Bay with beautiful scenery is not as noisy and bustling as the city, but extremely quiet and peaceful. Haitang Bay is a must-go place to relax and meditate in Sanya, with its perfect combination of blue sea and sky, green mountains, silver sand, oasis, and peculiar headland. It is not only a place with natural beauty, but also a gathering place for high-end hotels. The world’s largest duty-free shop is also located in Haitang Bay.

Top Things to Do

The highlights of Haitang Bay mainly are Wuzhizhou Island, Houhai Village and Nantian Hot Spring also offers tourists the best enjoyment.

Wuzhizhou Island has the cleanest beach in Sanya, which is mainly located in the front sea of Tenghai Fishing Village, along the Haitang Bay. The island has a visibility of 25 to 30 meters (82 ~ 98 feet) of limpid water, and the surrounding waters are rich in varieties of seafood. Visitors can experience more than 30 marine and diving amusements and enjoy over 2,700 native plant varieties. In addition to the natural scenery, some places of interest like Goddess Matsu Temple, Sunrise Rock, Lover’s Island and other entertainment venues like fitness clubs are ideal choices for visitors to enjoy this Sanya Haitang Bay resort in Wuzhizhou Island.

Houhai Village (Tenghai Fishing Village)

Houhai Village is a must-go place for heading to Wuzhizhou Island, where tourists can try authentic seafood and experience interesting recreational activities, such as kayaking, diving to see 260 kinds of corals, and playing golf. Especially in the evening, the activities are livelier: bonfire party, barbecue, seaside music festival are all worth trying. Besides, visitors can capture the beautiful sunrise at sea that cannot be seen in other Sanya Bays.

Nantian Hot Spring

Located in Haitang District, 20 km (12.4 mi) away from Houhai Village, Nantian Hot Spring has 34 hot springs with an average temperature of 57 C (134.6 F) in Nantian Hot Spring. Known as “the First Spring in China”, Nantian Hot Spring is a large-scale medical hot mineral water spring. The hot spring water contains a variety of minerals and trace elements beneficial to the human body, which can relax the tension of the human body and improve health. There are also many kinds of physiotherapy and spa in the scenic spot for tourists. The dynamic pool for children also provides great fun for kids.

Eating & Shopping

Near the Sheraton Haitang Bay Resort, Haitang 68 Food Street is a multi-functional street in Sanya Haitang Bay. It’s just over 3 km (1.87 mi) from the Haitang 68 Food Street to Sanya International Duty-free Shop, and 11 km (6.8 mi) away from Wuzhizhou Island Wharf. In addition, visitors only need to walk 800 meters (875 yards) from this street to the beautiful beach.

The best thing to try here is the varieties of delicious seafood. Tourists can buy the seafood at the seafood supermarket and ask the chef to process the seafood with their favorite flavors. Also, visitors can try traditional Sichuan cuisine, Hunan cuisine and Cantonese cuisine, Hainan cuisine, characteristic Thai cuisine, Hong Kong-style cuisine and other types of food. In addition to a variety of food, there are supermarkets, drugstores, amusement parks, clothing stores and so on in this busy street.


Hotels around Haitang Bay are relatively expensive, and most of them are five-star hotels and holiday resorts, including Hilton, Sheraton, Kempinski and Shangri-La’s Resort. The facilities of these hotels are very luxurious, with exclusive white beach, outdoor hot spring pools and indoor hot spring water, huge outdoor swimming pool, golf course, children’s playground and barbecue. The price is usually between CNY 1,500 and 3,500 (USD 215 - 500) a night.

Besides the luxury hotels, there are so many cheap inns, homestays and hostels in Tenghai Fishing Village, such as SIXX Hotel, Jile Surfing Inn, Bo’an Xiaoting Apartment and Wind Story Hostel. Most of them are close to the sea and relatively cheap, between CNY 150 and 350 (USD 21 - 50) per night. They also provide various outdoor clubs where visitors can enjoy speedboats, canoes, sea fishing, diving and more. The bar is also a good place to relax. In addition, there are outdoor movies, barbecue dinner and other entertainment.

How to Get to Haitang Bay

 To Wuzhizhou Island
1. Take bus lines 28, Haitang Bay No.1 or Haitang Bay No.3 to Wuzhizhou Island Wharf Station and take a 15-minute boat ride to the Wuzhizhou Island. There are round boat trips every 20 minutes from 08:00 to 16:00. The last returning boat departs at 17:30.

2. Take bus 27 from Sanya Phoenix Airport to Yalong Bay Railway Station and then transfer to bus line 28 to the wharf. And spend CNY 110 for the round boat trip.

 To the Nantian Hot Spring
Take bus Haitang Bay No.1 to Nantian Hot Spring Station.

Tickets & Timings

Wuzhizhou Island Scenic Spot
Entrance fee including round trip boat tickets
May ~ Sep.: CNY 144;
Oct. ~ Apr.: CNY 136;
Free for children under 1.2m (3.9 ft).
Opening hours 08:30 ~ 17:30, last entry at 16:00

Nantian Hot Spring
Entrance Fee
Adult: CNY 90;
Children (1.1~1.4 m / 3.6~4.6 ft): CNY 45.
Opening Hours 08:30 ~ 22:00

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Questions & Answers on Haitang Bay
Asked by Adam from CANADA | Oct. 08, 2023 09:33Reply
Skydiving Haitang Bay
Hello. Is there a WeChat account or phone number for Skydive Haitang Bay? (Sanya Haitang Bay Tah Skydiving Base)
Answers (1)
Answered by Trace | Oct. 09, 2023 20:42

This is their contact phone no: 0898-88212434,19943253282
But I'm afraid they speak Chinese only. Anyway, give it a try.
Asked by Joachim from CHINA | Jun. 06, 2021 07:48Reply
Possible to swim in the ocean at Haitang Bay?
I read from some comments (though from 2016), that it was not possible to swim in the water.
Is it possible now - mid June 2021, to swim in the water?
Thank you ...
Answers (1)
Answered by Xaviera | Jun. 06, 2021 19:22

Well, as I know, tourists are not allowed to swim in the ocean at Haitang Bay.
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