10 Best Mooncakes in China - Have you ever tried?

What are the best mooncakes in China? Here is the list of top 10 mooncake brands. The mooncakes of each brand have its own features. Have you ever tried one?

No. 1: Daoxiangcun – representative of best traditional mooncakes

Started from: 1773
Place of origin: Suzhou & Beijing
Daoxiangcun is a traditional pastry brand, known as the “Pastry Master” and No.1 of the industry. Adhering to the practical experience of hundreds of years, it focuses on traditional style pastry. About 80% of the mooncakes of Daoxiangcun are traditional ones, covering almost all varieties of traditional mooncakes. With great quality, good service, and well preserved traditional flavor, Daoxiangcun gains plenty of consumers. It is the best mooncake brand in China. The most popular mooncake of Daoxiangcun is five nuts mooncake. You can also try Zilaihong mooncakes, jujube paste mooncakes and rose mooncakes.

No. 2: Hong Kong MX Mooncakes

Started from: 1956
Place of origin: Hong Kong
It was founded by Hong Kong Maxim Group, Hong Kong's largest food and beverage group. It is represented by the yellow lotus seed paste mooncake with double yolks and white lotus seed paste mooncake. The MX mooncakes are one of the best mooncakes of Cantonese-style. There are creative new products every year in addition to the traditional ones.

No. 3: Ganso Mooncake

Started from: 1981
Place of origin: Taiwan
It is a kind of mooncake combining traditional and non-traditional ones. Its best mooncake product is the one with ice cream as the stuffing. Red bean mooncake, matcha mooncake, and yoghurt mooncake of Ganso are also worth to taste. Ganso Mooncake has been honored as the most characteristic mooncake.

No. 4: Holiland Mooncake

Started from: 1992
Place of origin: Beijing
Holiland mooncake is the representative of Beijing-style mooncake and one of the best mooncake brands in China. The materials are strictly selected. After years of research, the crust and the stuffing of its mooncakes will not separate so that they have a better taste. The five nuts mooncake is the representative of Holiland mooncakes; it has a flavor of coconut both in the crust and stuffing. The classic rose mooncake is also worth trying.

No. 5: Wing Wah Mooncake

Started from: 1950
Place of origin: Hong Kong
The best Wing Wah mooncake is the white lotus seed paste mooncake, which was created by Wing Wah firstly in 1960s. It also has white lotus seed paste mooncake with double yolks. This brand has been widely recognized around China.

No. 6: Xinghualou Mooncake

Started from: 1851
Place of origin: Shanghai
Xinghualou mooncake is the representative of Suzhou-style mooncakes. The best-sold mooncakes of Xinghualou are bean paste, lotus seed paste, coconut paste, and five nuts mooncakes. With the unique recipe and strict making process, it has been famed around the country.

No. 7: Lianxianglou Mooncake

Started from: 1889
Place of origin: Guangzhou, Guangdong
Lianxianglou has the most varieties of Cantonese-style mooncakes. The best mooncake of Lianxianglou is the time-honored lotus seed paste mooncakes, which are honored as No.1 among the type and sold widely in China as well as abroad.

No. 8: Maky Mooncake

Started from: 1994
Place of origin: Xi’an, Shaanxi
Maky is one of the best mooncake brands in northern China. Pursuing good quality, Maky has seven types of mooncake products, which are centered on Cantonese-style mooncakes, and includes Suzhou-style, Chaoshan-style, Yunnan-style, Shanxi-style, Harbin-style, and ice cream mooncakes. The representative and most famous mooncakes of Maky are five nuts mooncake and louts seed paste mooncake with yolks.

No. 9: Jiahua Flowers Cake

Started from: 1988
Place of origin: Kunming, Yunnan
The famous flower cake is a kind of traditional mooncake in Yunnan, and the Jiahua flowers cake is the best among all flower mooncakes. The shop and the factory of Jiahua are set together so that the flowers cakes can be sold directly just after baking, which is popular among consumers.

No. 10: Huamei Mooncake

Started from: 1991
Place of origin: Dongguan, Guangdong
As a famous mooncake brand in Guangdong, Huamei sells over 1.8 million mooncakes each day. It pursues green food to ensure the safety and health of customers. Huamei mooncakes are sold widely among China and more than thirty countries overseas. In addition to the traditional mooncakes of five nuts and bean paste, the low-sugar green tea mooncake and Chinese yam mooncake are also popular.

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