Snow Skin Mooncake – Non-Baked Mooncake

Snow skin mooncake is a kind of non-baked pastry eaten on Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. Snow skin mooncake was created by a company in Hong Kong in 1989 and quickly became a favorite amongst consumers due to their beautiful appearance, healthier recipe using less oil and sugar and soft and smooth taste. It is called snow skin mooncake since the white translucent crusts are made of glutinous rice flour. Snow skin mooncake needs to be kept in the refrigerator. 

Snow Skin Mooncake
Snow Skin Mooncake

Snowy Crusts 

The skin of the snowy mooncake is mainly made of glutinous rice flour, a small amount of sugar and salad oil. After being steamed, the skin is translucent white like snow, which makes it beautiful and different from other types of mooncakes.


A rich variety of ingredients can be filled inside the snow skin mooncake, including fruits, vegetables, cheese and egg yolk although red bean paste, green bean paste and black sesame are the most popular. 

Nutritional Value

The crust of snowy mooncake is a mild tonic, which warms the spleen and stomach. The fillings usually made of beans, vegetables and fruits contain several essential amino-acids, protein, and vitamins, etc. However, the wheat starch contained in snow skin mooncake is amylopectin which is difficult to digest and hydrolyze in the stomach, so it is not advisable to eat too much at one time. This kind of food is not recommended for overweight individuals or those suffering from diabetes or other chronic diseases such as kidney disease.

Snow Skin Mooncake Recipe - 4 Steps

Note: This is a recipe for making 10 mung bean snowy mooncakes, each measuring about 50g. If you want to make more, just add more materials in proportion. 

Step 1: Prepare Ingredients

Ingredients for skin dough:
Glutinous rice flour 65g, Rice flour 35g, Wheat starch 20g, Milk 150g, Powdered sugar 50g, Salad oil 20ml

Ingredients for fillings: 
Peeled mung bean 100g, Butter 25g, Malt sugar 30g, Powdered Sugar 50g

Step 2: Make Mung Bean Paste Fillings

1. Soak the peeled mung beans in water for two hours; 
2. Boil the beans till they are completely soft; 
3. Take out the beans, pour them into a food processor and grind into paste; 
4. Fry green bean paste, malt sugar and sugar with butter over low heat till they can be made into balls. 
5. Divide the paste into 10 portions weighing about 20g each. 

Step 3: Make Snow Skin Dough

1. Mix milk, powdered sugar, salad oil, 45g glutinous rice flour, rice flour, and wheat starch well; 
2. Steam the mixture in the pot for 20 minutes, then stir it fast until the dough become smooth;
3. After the mixture has completely cooled, divide it into 10 portions weighing 30g each. 
4. Fry the remaining 20g glutinous rice flour in a clean pan without any oil till it turns light yellow; or even with a microwave oven for 2 minutes. 

Step 4: Make Snow Skin Mooncake

Make the small dough into a round flat wrapper, put in mung bean paste and roll it into a ball with cooked glutinous rice flour on hand to avoid it sticking. Shape the dough with a mooncake mold.

Tips on Making a Perfect Snow Skin Mooncake

 1. After the ice skin is steamed, it should be cooled completely down before wrapping, otherwise it will be sticky. 
 2. Wheat starch, in addition to making the skin more transparent, also increases the toughness of the ice skin.
 3. When wrapping, there should not be too much fried glutinous rice flour in your hands, otherwise the mooncake may not turn out smooth and beautiful.
 4. After being made, the snowy moon cakes need to be placed in the refrigerator for at least half an hour, which gives them the best taste.


The shelf life of snowy mooncakes is around 30-60 days in refrigerator. However, they cannot be stored for more than two hours at room temperature.

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