Jelly Mooncake - How to Make Colorful and Crystal Mooncakes

Jelly mooncake, also called crystal mooncake, is a Chinese Mid-Autumn festival food which is famous for its crystal skin, colorful fillings and chewy taste. Unlike other mooncakes with lots of sugar and oil, it is a light and healthy food. It should be stored in the refrigerator.

Featured Crystal Skin

The skin of jelly mooncake made by starch, pudding powder or jelly powder is transparent that the fillings inside can be seen clearly. People love it for its crystal appearance and chewy taste.

Fillings of Jelly Mooncakes

The fillings of jelly mooncakes can vary. The common fillings are purple sweet potato, pumpkin, fruit dices, sweet-scented osmanthus and so on.

Jelly Mooncake Recipe – 8 Steps

This recipe is to make jelly mooncake with purple sweet potato as filling.

Boiled water 300 g, Agar 6g, 1 scoop of milk powder, 1 scoop of salad oil, sugar, several purple sweet potatoes

Step 1: Peel the purple sweet potatoes, cut them into pieces and steam them.
Step 2: Sift the steamed purple potato, add 1 scoop of milk powder, 1 scoop of salad oil, and some sugar (more or less as you like), and mix them well.

Step 3: When the mixture cools down, divide it into little balls. The fillings are done.

Step 4: Put some sugar (more or less as you like) into the boiled water, stir evenly until the white sugar dissolves.

Step 5: Soak the agar with a little cold water. When the agar turns soft, heat the agar-water until it melts, then pour it into the sweet water finished in step 4 and stir well.

Step 6: Fill up 1/3 of the mooncake molds with the agar-water mixture finished in step 5. Leave the molds in the refrigerator.

Step 7: When the stuff in the mooncake molds cools down and sets, put in the filling balls, then fill up the molds with the mixture finished in step 5. If the mixture made in step 5 sets, heat and melt it.

Step 8: Leave molds in the refrigerator to chill and set firmly. The jelly mooncake is done when the mixture totally cools down.

Tips on Making a Perfect Jelly Mooncake

1. If you have green tea powder, black tea powder, cocoa powder, you can add it into the sweet water to make crystal mooncakes of different colors.
2. If you want to make the jelly skin a little harder, add some starch.
3. Powder materials must be sifted, or there will be some small hard balls on the skin.
4. You can take any material as fillings but be sure that it can be made into balls.


The jelly mooncake needs to be stored in the refrigerator. You would get the best taste when you leave it in the refrigerator after one or two hours. The shelf life of jelly mooncake varies according to the fillings. Jelly mooncake with purple sweet potato can be stored for one week, while the one with fresh fruit can only be stored for one or two days.

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