Great Wall Hiking Checklist: 15 Things that Expert Hikers Always Take

This Great Wall hiking packing list includes all the necessary things you should take and it is very essential to facilitate your trip. Generally, the backpack must be as light as possible but you must prepare everything you need. The must-take items for Great Wall day hike include quick-dry clothing, hiking socks; hiking gear such as alpenstock; electronic devices like smart phone and camera; other daily life articles like raincoat and tissue; last and the most important, water and food. However, if you plan to go for a multi-day trip or even full-length hiking, the Great Wall packing list should be more comprehensive.
Great Wall Hiking Checklist
Great Wall Hiking Checklist

Checklist for Day Hiking to Great Wall of China

1. Footwear:

Wear high-topped hiking shoes instead of low-topped ones, which can help to prevent ankle strains. Don’t wear new shoes as the already-used hiking boots are more comfortable. Shoelaces should be tied properly since too loose or tight laces will make feet tired and vulnerable to injury. The thick socks are necessary to preclude rubbing with shoes. You can also apply oil skin care products like Vaseline to decrease the rubbing injury.  

2. Clothing:

In winter, the clothing should be wind proof and warm enough, such as an interchange jacket with layers and a fleece coat. The underwear should be quick-dry and wicking. It is not suggested to wear cotton underwear as it is hard to dry if you get wet by sweat. In extreme weather with strong wind or heavy snow, you must wear a down jacket to keep warm. 

Clothing in summer is required to be light and wicking. Cotton and quick-dry fabric are both available. Sun-proof clothing is also necessary on sunny days. What’s more, females should wear pants or leggings instead of dresses and skirts.

3. Accessories:

Gloves, knee pads, headwrap, winter cap, sun glasses, summer hat... Prepare them based on your demands and weather conditions.

4. Backpack:

20-30L daypack 

5. Alpenstock:

Generally, the hiking gear is not essential for day trip hiking. However, the elder people can take it up to the physical condition. Also, alpenstocks are necessary on the wild Great Wall hiking checklist. Choose a single or a pair of alpenstocks according to your habit.

6. Food:

Have a big breakfast and take fast food or snacks with high calorie like sandwiches and energy bars for lunch.

7. Water:

1.5L or above per day to stay hydrated

8. Photographic Equipment:

Bring Your Camera When Visiting Great Wall
Bring Your Camera When Visiting Great Wall
Camera, mobile phone, power bank, alternatively to take tripod or selfie stick.

9. Navigation:

Map, Compass or GPS Device

10. Whistle or Interphone:

The Great Wall sections are located in remote mountain areas and the telephone signal is weak somewhere. It is better to prepare interphones if hiking with groups. The whistle can be very useful to seek help in case you get lost.

♦ Gadgets & Extras: Tissues, sunscreen… check the weather forecast to see if it is necessary to take a rain coat.

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The Ultimate Multi-Day Great Wall Hiking Packing List (also for those planning to hike the entire Great Wall)

For long-distance hiking, please check the above list first, and then improve and complete on the basis of the above hiking gear list. 
1. Footwear: Prepare spare hiking shoes. 

2. Clothing: Spare clothing is necessary for a long time hiking.

3. Accessories: Gloves, knee pads, sun glasses, summer hat...

4. Backpack: Take a 50-70L backpack. If your physical strength allowed, the backpack of 80+20L or those with plenty of pockets is recommended. In addition, remember to take a pack cover and prepare some waterproof bags and sealed bags.  

5. Hiking Gear and Tools: Besides alpenstock, headlamp, flashlight, Swiss Army Knife, and binocular are very useful during the Great Wall hiking. What’s more, some sections need more professional climbing gear like ropes and ascenders.

6. Food: The fast food with high calorie like beef jerky, crackers, energy bars are good options for road meals. However, it is important to locate the restaurants before the trip and eat fruits and vegetables there for vitamin supplements. 
7. Water: 1.5L or above per day. Take a vacuum cup so that you can drink hot water.

8. Power Bank: It is very essential to take a power bank and all kinds of cables you need. In the outdoors, the large capacity power bank ensures all the electronic devices functioning well, especially for cameras and mobile phones.   

9. Navigation: Map, compass or GPS Device

10. Whistle or Interphone: The telephone signal is pretty weak in some sections of the Great Wall. Interphones and whistles are helpful in case of getting lost. 

♦ Besides the 10 things above, another 5 items are essential:

11. Money Belt: Keep money, valuables & personal documents.

12. Sleeping Gear: Plan out the places to stay overnight before the trip and sometimes you need to camp on the Great Wall. Prepare tent, sleeping bag, tent footprint…

13. First Aid Kit: Cold medication, Antidiarrheal, Band-Aid, and medicine for sports injury…

14. Raincoat: Take an ultra-lightweight rain poncho.

15. Other gadgets you may want to take: tissues, skin cream, sunscreen cream, shaver…  

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