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Great Wall Hiking Tips

Hiking on the wall
Be aware of your own limitations - acrophobia, heart diseases, and diabetes do not fit for the Great Wall Hiking. Take your health case history with you in case of any emergency.

Health and accident insurance is necessary before taking any hiking tour and take the insurance and contact information with you.

Make sure you wear sensible footwear.

Take a pair of glove with you since sometimes you need your hands to help you climb up.

It is important to have a big breakfast on your hiking day, and take enough water with you. It is very hot to hike under the sun, and sunglasses and some other protection measures are necessary.

If you plan to hike more than one day, you may consider to take some first -aid medicines with you, such as medication against diarrhea, oral re-hydration powder or tablets, or some others you think are necessary according to the weather, the season and your own physical condition.
Ruined wall

If your journey involves long-distance driving, you may consider to take a CD player to enjoy and relax on the way. If you think it will be safe to leave it on the car when you are getting off, just do it. Otherwise, take all of your belongings with you, but make sure they will not be your burden.

Never run or walk fast when you are hiking on the Great Wall since many parts of the Wall are broken and loose. They are not only difficult and strenuous to hike but also very dangerous. Take your full attention on this.

Keep a safe distance from the person in front of you when you are walking up to avoid been hit by falling stones or bricks.

Make sure to obey any warnings that are posted on the wall. At any time, never walk close to the edge of the wall since they are the first part to become loose and broken.

During hiking, if you need to use a pontlevis, do not run, jump, shake, or do some other actions which may cause danger.
Jinshanling section

Remember that never lean against the wall to rest before you make sure it is really firm and safe.

Protect the Wall! Leave nothing except your footprints, take nothing except photographs and garbage, and maintain the plain charm of the wall.

Rain storms are quite common when you are hiking in summer. Take your raincoat and be sure your mobile phone is power-off if thunderstorms happen.

Stay with the team all the time, and do not wander off by yourself to make sure you will not get lost or helpless.

While hiking, you may come across many local people selling the bottled waters or maps, or some souvenirs. They are all local peasants near the Wall. The bottled water is always charged CNY4.00 or CNY5.00 per bottle. We suggest you carry some on your own.

If you do not want to be followed all of way by the vendors, you need to say "NO" firmly, and do not give them any promise that you will buy something when you come back.

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