Kyoto Weather in February

Season: Late winter

Kyoto weather in February, when is winter, is cold. The temperature hovers at 2-9℃ (35.6-48.2℉) averagely, and the average temperature during the whole month is around 6℃ (42.8℉). It also has less precipitation compared with other months, but the humidity is 63% or so, not at a low level. It snows at times in Kyoto in February, but the snows are not big generally. Warm clothes are the necessities, including down coats, padded jackets, winter pants, gloves, scarves and padded hats.

Averages for Kyoto Weather in February

Temperature: 6°C / 42.8°F
High Temperature: 9°C / 48.2°F
Low Temperature: 2°C / 35.6°F
Humidity: 63%
Rainfall: 69 mm
Rainy Days: 8 days
Sunrise: 06:28 ~ 06:56
Sunset: 17:25 ~ 17:51

What to Wear in Kyoto in February

Kyoto climate in February requires people to wear thick clothes to protect themselves against the coldness. Visitors could wear a few layers, including a thermal shirt, sweater, wool overcoat, and winter pants. After going indoor where is well heated, take off some. Tourists may feel cold from the soles, so it is recommended to wear thick socks and boots. A scarf, a hat and a pair of gloves with the length to the wrists are also necessary.
Kyoto Clothes in February February Wear in Kyoto

What to Do in Kyoto in February

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Setsubun Matsuri is the Japanese festival to welcome spring in early February, and many shrines host events to celebrate it. Visitors may go to Yoshida Shrine to learn the Japanese festival traditions, while enjoy performances of geishas. Plum blossoms begin to flower since early February, and Kitano Tenmangu Shrine with 1,500 plum trees is a great place to appreciate them during the month. Onsen is absolutely an enjoyment in winter, and Kurama and Sagano are good choices to take an onsen bath in Kyoto.


1. February is quite cold in Kyoto, so it is essential to wear warm. You may use the warm stickers or electric warmer pad if you are afraid of cold.
2. Winter is the slack season of tourism in Kyoto. You could have a peaceful tour with less crowds when travelling to Kyoto in February.
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