Kyoto Weather in November

Season: Late autumn

The weather of Kyoto in November is clear most of the time. The temperature decreases gradually, and it becomes a little cold, with the temperature hovering around 8-16℃ (46.4-60.8℉) at average. To late November, the temperature is even lower and the temperature difference between daytime and nighttime gets larger, when people feel more like in winter. 

It is right the time to go to the suburban mountains, temples and shrines to enjoy fascinating scenery of red leaves. A shirt, a knitwear plus a jacket are enough for the Kyoto weather in November.

Averages for Kyoto Weather in November

Temperature: 12°C / 53.6°F
High Temperature: 16°C / 60.8°F
Low Temperature: 8°C / 46.4°F
Humidity: 65%
Rainfall: 72 mm
Rainy Days: 8 days
Sunrise: 06:18 ~ 06:45
Sunset: 16:45 ~ 17:03

What to Wear in Kyoto in November

A long shirt, a wool sweater, and a coat or a thick jacket is appropriate for Kyoto climate in early November. To the mid-late days, thick winter overcoat is needed for the lower temperature. Wool trousers, thick shawl or even scarf, and short boots are possibly the necessities.
Kyoto Clothes in November November Wear in Kyoto

Top Things to Do in Kyoto in November

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Red fall foliage is definitely the highlight in Kyoto in November, and Kiyomizu-dera Temple, Kyoto Imperial Palace, Kifune Shrine, Arashiyama, etc. are all perfect spots to appreciate red leaves. In Kiyomizu-dera Temple, a distinctive “beauty” created with the maples under specially designed lights attracts lots of visitors at night. Gion Odori offers an opportunity to watch elegant Japanese dances by geisha at Gion Higashi. If you would like to learn about samurai, Kyoto Samurai & Ninja Museum are the right places to go.


Mid-late November is the peak season of red autumn foliage in Kyoto, as the entire city is shaded by the beautiful leaves. On northern mountains, the fall foliage season comes earlier than the downtown, which perhaps begins in late October. Thus, if you gets to Kyoto in early November, the mountain area in the north is also nice to admire autumn scenery.
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