Kyoto Weather in October

Season: Autumn

In general, the sunshine is gentle in October in Kyoto, even though there might be a few days at high temperature in early October. The average maximum temperature hovers around 22℃ (71.6℉) and the average minimum temperature is about 14℃ (57.2℉), which is quite comfortable. Although there may be some continuous light rainy days, Kyoto weather in October in the whole is appealing to visitors. Long-sleeve T-shirt, hoodie, jeans, etc. are proper clothes to wear.

Averages for Kyoto Weather in October

Temperature: 18°C / 64.4°F
High Temperature: 22°C / 71.6°F
Low Temperature: 14°C / 57.2°F
Humidity: 66%
Rainfall: 142 mm
Rainy Days: 10 days
Sunrise: 05:52 ~ 06:17
Sunset: 17:13 ~ 17:41

What to Wear in Kyoto in October

A long-sleeve T-shirt, blouse, jeans, and causal trousers are good to fit the climate in Kyoto in October. To the end of October, visitors can top a vest, sweat shirt, knitted coat, leather jacket, or trench coat to handle the dropped temperature. When the temperature is lower at dawn or dusk, a thicker overcoat may be needed.
Kyoto Clothes in October October Wear in Kyoto

What to See in Kyoto in October

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In October, Jidai Matsuri, or called Festival of the Ages, is the most magnificent event in Kyoto. Participators dressed as people in different ancient ages parade from Kyoto Imperial Palace to Heian Shrine. Come and witness the historical reproductions that seem to come through times. Kurama-no-Hi Matsuri is a fire festival in Kurama, a town in northern outskirts of Kyoto. Men holding torches parade along the street. As more and more people join in, the festival goes to its climax.

Kotobuki-kai dances, performed by geisha, are well worthy of watching at Kamishichiken Kaburenjo Theater. Visitors may take a stroll around the historic Gion, to experience Japanese charm in ancient times. Fushimi Inari Taisha, Kinkaku-ji Temple, The Philosopher's Path, etc. are also must-sees in Kyoto.


During Jidai Matsuri, the precession route is confirmed, and the roadsides are full of people. You may take pictures of the retro scenes, but please turn off the flash so as not to scare the horses and cattle in the parade.
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