Nara Weather in May

Season: Late spring

Entering May, the temperature in Nara is increasing observably, for spring is almost over and summer is around the corner. The average max temperature goes up to 24℃ (75.2℉), while the average min temperature is around 18℃ (64.4℉). It rains sometimes, and most days embrace clear sky. Seeing diverse flowers, May is a pleasant month to sightsee in Nara. Long T-shirt, thin hoodie, jacket, light trousers, etc. can be packed to deal with Nara weather in May.

Averages for Nara Weather in May

Temperature: 21°C / 69.8°F
High Temperature: 24°C / 75.2°F
Low Temperature: 18°C / 64.4°F
Humidity: 55%
Rainfall: 142 mm
Rainy Days: 11 days
Sunrise: 04:43 ~ 05:06
Sunset: 18:41 ~ 19:03

Clothes to Wear in Nara in May

Long-sleeve T-shirt and light pants, or similar clothes are recommended. In early May, blouse, hoodie, jeans, cardigan or jacket are nice. As the temperature rises up gradually, long T-shirt and light pants become more appropriate during mid-late May. Especially to late May, a T-shirt or short shirt is also OK when it is a little hot during the daytime.
Nara Clothes in May May Wear in Nara

What to Do in Nara in May

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Buddhist carvings can never be missed in Nara, as the old city is famous for Buddhist culture. Kofuku-ji Temple is a great world cultural heritage site to admire the ancient carving pieces with a wooden pagoda ranking the second highest in Japan. 

Takigi Ono is distinctive among all festivals in Nara in May, which is the ancient Japanese music drama; the stage is illuminated by firelight. On the 3rd Friday and Saturday of May, Takigi Ono would leave you otherworldly memories at Kasuga Taisha Shrine or Kofuku-ji Temple. 

It’s late to appreciate cherry blossoms, but there are a great deal of other flowers in full bloom in Nara in May. Particularly, purple wisterias in Kasuga Taisha Shrine and Manyo Botanical Garden are the most eye-catching. To have a food safari, visitors can go to Higashimuki Street. Yomogi Mochi is a Japanese mugwort cake stuffed with red bean paste, and Nakatanido is the favorite shop at the junction of Higashimuki and Sanjo Dori. Visitors could also witness the cooks pounding rice cake closely at Nakatanido.
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