Hefei Map

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Map of Downtown Hefei
Anhui Hefei Map with main streets, attractions

Located in the middle of Anhui Province, Hefei is between the Yangtze River and the Huaihe River and in the vicinity of the Chaohu Lake. Here is a map of the downtown. In it, you can see the major roads in the city proper of the city. The Chinese pinyin 'Lu' means 'road' in English. The road in yellow is a ring road, which surrounds the center of the city. According to the four directions, the four sections of this ring road are respectively named Huancheng Beilu (North Ring Road), Huancheng Nanlu (South Ring Road), Huancheng Xilu (West Ring Road) and Huancheng Donglu (East Ring Road). Along the ring road, several parks with lakes can be seen, including Yinhe Park, Baohe Park, Xiaoyaojin Park, Xinghua Park and West Hill Scenic Area. In the west of the city lies a big lake named Shushan Lake (Shushan Hu).

It is a very important transportation hub of China. Several railways cross the city. In the northeast, the Railway Station can be seen; in the southwest, you can find the West Railway Station. Additionally, the green icons with a building pattern in it are the locations of the major buildings. The red-crossing signs stand for hospitals.

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