Hefei Travel Guide

Hefei Travel Guide

Hefei MapLying between the Yangtze River and Huaihe River, Hefei is the capital city of Anhui Province. Covering an area of 7,266 square kilometers (about 2,805 square miles), it is the key tourist city of the whole province and the best place to know about the brilliant Anhui culture.

The ancient Hefei City, with a long history of over 2,000 years, was also nicknamed 'Luzhou' or 'Luyang' because it was under the governance of Luzhou prefecture in the Ming (1368 - 1644) and Qing (1644 - 1911) dynasties. The city is the political, economic and cultural center of Anhui Province and has played an important role in commercial transactions since ancient times.

It is a scientific and educational city and boasts of many talents both past and present, such as the famous upright officer Lord Bao in Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127) along with the Nobel Prize for Physics winner, Yang Zhenning, whose hometown is Hefei. The University of Science and Technology of China, and the Branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences are both located here. There is no doubt that talented people in the city are foremost in China.

It is a beautiful city with good surroundings - the Huaihe River flows to its north, to its south is Yangtze River, and to its south- east lies the Chaohu Lake with its expansive blue waters. As is known, every city in China has a city tree and a city flower and, in the case of this city, the Yulan tree is its city tree and the sweet-scented osmanthus, pomegranate flower is its city flower.Due to its good surroundings and long history, many natural and cultural places of interests such as Chaohu Lake, Memorial Temple of Lord Bao and Sanhe Ancient Town can be found here.
The statue of Lord Bao
The statue of Lord Bao
The Lord Bao
The Lord Bao's Tomb
The city is located in the centre part of East China, and its transportation system is well-developed. With the whole city's transportation system linked by airport, railway and highway, a solid transportation network is at your service. Due to its fast development in recent years, transportation within and around the city is very convenient, especially for tourists.

It exemplifies the good climate to be found in the area having a mild climate with clearly defined seasons and moderate rainfall. The average annual temperature is 15.7C (60.26F).   To better understand the ingrained culture of the city, you have to watch the performances of the Lu Opera. Lu Opera is a popular local opera which originated in this area. It became an independent style of opera in the era of Emperor Jiaqing of the Qing Dynasty and evolved from many artistic forms such as folk songs and folk dances. The arias are rich and various, and the performance is vivid. 'Natural and simple' is what makes Lu Opera a popular drama appreciated by all. It is really a highlight you should never miss when visiting this city.
Peaceful village
Ancient Sanhe Village
Old village
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If you are one of those people who regard food as their prime requirement, you should try the local delicious food and special cuisine which is on offer, whenever you pay a visit. Luzhou Roast Duck is the first recommended delicacy in the city and it tastes very good. Other special, high quality products will also satisfy your appetite such as Mabing (sesame cake), Honggao (baked cake), Cunjin (sesame cookie) and Baiqie (white sesame slices). Also, dumpling-making is a delicate and intricate process and, there are various shapes of dumplings that will excite and satisfy your appetite.

 Hefei Tour Information:
Hiking Tours: Information about hiking in the city for your reference
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Questions & Answers on Hefei Travel
Asked by Egor from RUSSIA | Apr. 26, 2019 08:55Reply
Hello! I'm going to visit Hefei on May Day.
Recommend please some nice and not very expensive bars and clubs with good drinks and foreigners inside :) thank you
Answers (1)
Answered by Marie from FRANCE | Apr. 27, 2019 23:19

A small quiet bar named Ship Yard is good. The location is at 50 meters south of the intersection of Shuguang Road and Tunxi Road, Baohe District. Hope you like. :)
Asked by Maria Stella Herrera from PHILIPPINES | Sep. 08, 2018 10:25Reply
Can I do shopping in hefei? What are the best and cheap shopping paces in hefei?
Answers (1)
Answered by Sarah from MALAYSIA | Sep. 10, 2018 23:49

Of course you can, you can go shopping in a mall located in No. 6419 Luogang Street, Baohe District.
Asked by Maria Stella Herrera from PHILIPPINES | Sep. 08, 2018 10:21Reply
Which is easier and nearer, from HK to hefei or from Guangzhou to hefei?
Answers (1)
Answered by Fanny from CANADA | Sep. 10, 2018 23:47

If you take a direct flight from HK to HF, it is easier but it will also be more expensive.
Asked by tania from NEW ZEALAND | Feb. 05, 2018 02:30Reply
what is the closest airport bus to orange hotel at 283 chaohu road in Hefei?
My domestic flight leaves at 2:30pm. Can you please advise me what the closest airport bus to orange hotel at 283 chaohu road? What time do the buses go to the airport from this bus (on the hour)? How long does it take to get to the airport on this bus?
Answers (1)
Answered by Nicole from USA | Feb. 05, 2018 20:02

The nearest shuttle bus stop is the bus station, and you need to take a taxi there.
Then, the shuttle bus is available from 5:30 to 19:20 with an interval of about 30mins, and it takes about 1h 40mins to the airport, so you are suggested to set out at 10:30 or 11:00.
Asked by Heather Carrington from INDONESIA | Jan. 15, 2018 20:41Reply
Are there indoor sport facilities such as running tracks, pools, Squash courts etc in Hefei?
Answers (1)
Answered by Brace from FINLAND | Jan. 15, 2018 21:25

Well, I was told there is an Olympic Sports Center in the crossing of Xiyou Rd and Qianshan Rd, Shushan District. You may go and have a look.
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